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La Kajira

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"La Kajira!", with this Gorean exclamation a woman confirms that she is a slave. "La Kajira" is used as both statement and submission. Thus, many warriors demand that a captive woman who they enslave both admit to herself with the cry "La Kajira" that she is a slave and thus formally submits to her new master.[1]

Literally "La Kajira!" can best be translated as "I am a slave girl!". The counterpart is "Tu Kajira!", "You are a slave girl!".[2]

"La Kajira!" is usually the first Gorean sentence taught to a barbarian, a kajira from Earth.[1]

Quote: «Perhaps a free woman flings herself to her knees, before the reddened sword of a helmeted enemy, ready to strike, drunk with the lust of killing and looting. The blade is poised. She throws back her hood and tears away her veils, and her mouth is exposed to the conqueror. "La kajira!" she cries. "I am a slave girl!" This formula, once spoken, is irrevocable. She is then a self-pronounced slave. A quick, abrupt gesture of the sword and she must disrobe, immediately, completely. Her hands are then tied behind her, and she must hurry behind her captor, struggling to keep up, later to be penned with other slaves amongst whom, as she lacks the brand and collar, she is unlikely to be well treated.»[3][4]
Quote: «"You are prepared to say your first words in Gorean?" "Yes." "Very well," he said. "Say 'La kajira'." "La kajira," she repeated. "Excellent," he said. "I am good at languages," she said. "Excellent," he said. "La kajira," she said. "What a lovely sound." "Yes," he said, "the word 'kajira' is a lovely word, with a beautiful sound."»[5]


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