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One version of the Kajira "Kef" symbol or "Staff and fronds", symbolizing "beauty under discipline"
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Kajira is the term for female slave or "slave-girl" in John Norman's Gor[wp] novels. Slaves in the Gorean[wipi] lifestyle will refer to themselves as kajirae. The phrase "la kajira" is said to mean "I am a slave-girl" in the main Gorean language (the most widely-spoken lingua franca[wp] in the known regions of the planet Gor); this is one of the few complete Gorean-language sentences given in the Gor novels.

The word is usually seen in the feminine form kajira (Latin-style plural kajirae), as most slaves in the Gorean lifestyle are female. The corresponding masculine forms are "kajirus" and "kajiri". (These words follow the rules of nominative adjective morphology in the Latin language, as seen also with words such as "alumnus"/"alumna", etc.) The construction "kajiras" is incorrect, but is occasionally seen in third-party writing.

Gor - Dictionary

Woman attired and posed as a kajira, with camisk garment and kef brand.
Model posing as a "Kajira", or Gorean slave-girl. She is shown wearing a Gorean camisk garment (i.e. a belted narrow sideless poncho[wp] worn without underwear), and with a simulated kef brand on her thigh.
Kajira: Word for female slave in the Gorean language (the Latin-style plural is kajirae). A less commonly-used metaphorical synonym is Sa-Fora (which most literally means "daughter of the chain" in the Gorean language). Other synonyms used in certain contexts are "bondmaid", "property girl" etc. A woman who is enslaved loses all legal status (citizenship, caste membership, name etc.) and cannot own anything (but is herself owned). Under Gorean laws, a slave is the absolute property of her or his owner, and has no rights or protections; no obligations or duties are ever owed to a slave. A slave of either sex (kajira or kajirus) must render perfect obedience to an owner of either sex (master or mistress) or suffer the consequences - but many on Gor believe that the situation of a male master owning a female slave is most in accord with the basic natures of the two sexes. Only a minority of women on Gor are enslaved, but there is a fairly common opinion that the female slave is the paradigmatic or ideal woman, the "perfection of the female" (kajirae "are closest, perhaps, to the essentials of the female, those of subservience to the masculine will, obedience, service and pleasure"). The institution of female slavery exists in the vast majority of Gorean societies, with a small number of exceptions (in the City of Tharna[gw] before the revolution described in Gor book 2 Outlaw, among the "rencers" of the Vosk river delta before the introduction of the great bow, and among the tribe of Alars), and is partially standardized across Gor by the conventions of Merchant Law. In a very few Gorean societies, almost all women are kept as slaves (the City of Tharna after the revolution, and certain rencer village-islands mentioned in book 24 Vagabonds). Only a minority of kajirae were born into slavery (and only a minority of these born kajirae are "exotics", bred to possess special characteristics). The great majority of kajirae on Gor were born free, and were subsequently enslaved in one of several common ways - such as when their city or community was conquered in war; or because they were legally sentenced to slavery for committing a major crime, falling into significant debt, or persistently/conspicuously displaying behaviors unsuitable to the status of a free woman; or because they were abducted in various circumstances. Less common ways of being enslaved can include: having sex with a kajirus whom she does not own (in the City of Ar[gw]; see Couching Law[wipi]); being sold or given away by her father, in accordance with his paterfamilias legal powers over his minor children (in some cities); being seized as a minor to satisfy her father's debts, or the debts of her late father's estate; because her male champion(s) have been defeated in the "Love Wars" of the Plains of Turia[gw] (or in similar competitive games or duels between different cities or communities); because her life was saved (see Gentleman[wipi]); or when a woman voluntarily chooses to become a slave - whether so that her family will benefit from her initial sale price, or because she prefers the life of a slave to the particular somewhat fixed free woman's social role that she was born into, or occasionally in order to escape the gruesome and fatal punishments sometimes imposed on free persons who have committed serious crimes (since a slave is not liable to criminal punishment as such, though the slave's owner has unlimited power over her or him, theoretically including the power of life and death). Note that kajira status is not confined to women of any particular cultural, ethnic, linguistic, caste etc. origins, but affects all such groups more or less evenly. (In a few isolated and remote regions of Gor, all women from outside the region found there are considered to be ipso facto automatically kajirae or captives, since no other legitimate reason for their presence is recognized; however, even in such areas the local women are not exempt from also being enslaved.) Free women can be very conscious of kajirae, and sometimes envy them for being uninhibited by the restrictive customs which frequently govern the behavior of free women (especially high-caste women in the city-states), but they often seek to distinguish and differentiate themselves from kajirae as far as possible.
– Gor - Dictionary[1]

Gorean Lifestyle

What is the Gorean Lifestyle?

The Gorean lifestyle is based on a set of fiction books written by John Norman. The relationships are typically Master/slave, and the participants often adhere to the culture, rituals and protocols depicted in the books, such as slave positions[wipi] that the slave - known as kajira - must assume, specific commands that are taught and followed, as well as how they're to dress.

The Gorean lifestyle and teachings is way too in depth to explain in one post, so I will stick to the "typical" relationship built upon it.

In Gor, slaves are usually required to address all free men and women as Master/Mistress[wipi], and whilst a slave may be owned by one person, s/he is at the will of his/her Master, and can be loaned or "sold" to another or released if the Master so decides.

Whilst these relationships are often built upon an owner/property Master/slave dynamic and would be discontinued without it, they are more often than not inclusive of love, care, affection etc.

The slaves are expected to obey any whom their Master chooses, and the only other option to obedience is to beg for reprieve or release. I've met few who truly adhere to this, and who's Master's truly expect obedience to all free men or women, though such practice is followed by some in the Gor community.

Though it's said that a kajira is to obey without question, we all know if we don't maintain something properly, it's reliability lessens. It's a bit like servicing your car. If you don't, eventually things don't work as well, and this is true for a kajira. Underneath their slavery and service is a human being. They have personal goals, feelings and needs. It may be at the Master's discretion when, if at all his slave gets these - affection, attention, etc. - but to refuse would likely leave you with a slave who has little desire or incentive to be a good one.

Essentially, it is the goal of a kajira to please at all times. They're often not allowed to refer to themselves as "I, me, mine" but instead refer to themselves in ways such as "this girl" or "this slave."

Remember, it's still about having a loving relationship.

Gor relationships are on the extreme end of service and obedience, but it's important that while many Gor lifestyles preach the need to be limitless slaves and entirely dominant Master's, they're all still people, and many don't go to such an extent that they disregard their property's welfare. There is still much emotion even in these relationships, many are based on love and care and honour for one another.

– Rajan Dominari[2]


Quote: «"Stand as a slave." he said. I stood beautifully, back straight, head high, belly sucked in, hip turned. No woman can stand more beautifully than as a Gorean slave girl - John Norman: Slave Girl of Gor[gw], page 249[3]
Quote: «Some Earth-girl slaves brought to Gor, incidentally, do not even know how to heel. Incredibly, they must be taught. They learn quickly, of course, in the collar, and subject to the whip[wipi] - John Norman: Mercenaries of Gor[gw] - 1. What Occurred Outside Samnium, page 14[4]
Quote: «I wondered how many of the women of Earth wished they might find themselves in a collar, dancing naked in the firelight before warriors in an Alar camp.» - John Norman: Mercenaries of Gor - 4. Feiqa Serves in the Alar Camp, page 61
Quote: «The slave had asked to feel the whip[wipi]. The slave's attitude toward the whip is to some extent ambivalent. It is, of course, a symbol of the mastery to which she is subject. It is, of course, a symbol of the mastery to which she is subject. That is doubtless why it is not unoften the case that she must kneel, usually naked, and kiss the whip. This is a simple ceremony in which she expresses her submission, acknowledges her servitude, and, in effect, thanks the master for deigning to dominate and possess her. To be sure, with a new slave, this ceremony is sometimes enforced upon her, as it helps her to attain a clearer understanding of what she now is, and the nature of her new reality. Usually, of course, the whip is regarded with trepidation, and alarm. As usually used, it punished, and hurts. Accordingly, a slave will commonly go to great lengths to avoid its kiss. It is not pleasant to be tied and lashed. In my personal experience I have never know a slave who habitually sought the lash. Goreans would find that incomprehensible. Also, of what value would the lash be as a corrective device if it was somehow savored? It would fail as an intrument of discipline. The normal woman, and I have never known a slave, whether Gorean or of recent Earth origin, who was not normal in this sense, fears the lash, and hopes that she will be so pleasing that the master will see no reason to use it upon her. That it may be used upon her, of course, is something she understands very well. She is, after all, a slave. It might be mentioned, in passing, as there may be misunderstandings involved in these matters, that the Gorean master seldom, if ever, hurts a slave gratuitously. That would be pointless. But let uns return to the ambivalences involved.

Women are not interested in weak men. They desire, rather, to be taken in hand by strong men, and overwhelmed. This is abundantly clear in their dreams and fantasies. They respond to masculine domination. In their hearts they wish to meet a man who will handle them with authority, and see to it that he gets everything he wants from them. In their hearts they wish to be subdued and enslaved, owned and mastered, that they may love and serve, choicelessly, fulfillingly. Women long for the collar, and without it will be forever incomplete.

Now, I trust that the ambivalence of the slave toward the whip is somewhat more clear. It is, in its way, a symbol of what they want most, their ownership and domination. There are many points which might be made here, but I will limit myself to three, which may be succinctly recounted: First, exemplified by what had just occurred, a woman may wish to feel its stroke in order that the reality of her longed-for bondage be impressed upon her; one does not, of course, whip a free woman. When the slave feels the whip, she realises that her dream, even with its attendant perils, has now come true.

Second, when a woman loves a man, she may desire to feel his whip. She understands, beneath the lash, that he is claiming her, and marking her his, as she wants to be. In this she finds reassurance. Slave girls have many ways, among themselves, of inquiring as to one another's masters. One way of asking this question is, "Who whips you?" Thirdly, a slave may occasionally be wipped simply to remind her that she is a slave. There is no point in letting a girl forget that.» - John Norman: Mercenaries of Gor - 1. What Occurred Outside Samnium[4][5][6]

Quote: «"I have felt the whip[wipi] of my master," she said, wonderingly. "I am subject to the whip. I am fit for the whip, and it is his whip to which I am subject. I have felt the whip of my master." - "I trust you will do your best to prove yourself worthy of a slave collar," I said. - "Yes, Master," she whispered.» - John Norman: Mercenaries of Gor - 1. What Occurred Outside Samnium[4][7]
Quote: «The collar, in its way, of course, is a badge of female excellence. Not every woman, of course, is good enough to collar. Not every woman is of that much interest to men. Not every woman is exciting enough, desirable enough, beautiful enough, to collar. And women know this. Even free women tend to ponder this question to their pillow, whether or not they might be good enough to collar. This may account, to some degree, for the great hatred felt by free women toward slaves, women who have proved beautiful enough to mark and collar, women who might then be thought superior in their sex to themselves. The slave girl is a prize, and treasure. Men will pay gold for her; men will fight for her; men will even kill for her.» - John Norman: Mercenaries of Gor - 1. What Occurred Outside Samnium[4][8]
Quote: «"You are now under discipline," I told her. - "Yes, Master," she said. - I would now expect perfect obedience from her. She would know that. She was of Gor. This is a lesson, incidentally, which is quickly taught to Earth-girl slaves brought to Gor.» - John Norman: Mercenaries of Gor - 1. What Occurred Outside Samnium[4][9]
Quote: «Slave training is offered in the houses of many slavers, and, of course, they often train their own girls to one extent or another before putting them up for sale. Needless to say, training tends to improve a girl's price, and an extensively trained pleasure slave is likely to go for more than a less extensively trained pleasure slave, and so on. Many masters, of course, like to buy an inexpensive girl and train her to their own tastes and interests. I rather like that. It is pleasant, as you might suppose, to train a woman.» - John Norman: Mercenaries of Gor - 1. What Occurred Outside Samnium, p. 22[4][10][11]


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