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Neck corset

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Typical neck corset

A neck corset is a type of posture collar with incorporated stays[wp] and is generally not considered a true corset.

A neck corset (sometimes called throat corset, corset collar or neck lacer) is a type of BDSM collar. Unlike a normal corset, which tightens the waist[wp], a neck corset is not usually used to tighten the neck, except for breath control games[wp]. It may function as a posture collar into which stays[wp] are incorporated. Neck corsets can be worn in BDSM and Gothic[wp] subcultures; they can be decorative or worn as fetish clothing[wp].

The neck corset is designed to restrict head movement. It contributes to the immobilization of the wearer, already its rigidity prevents the head from being turned, or tilted backwards or downwards. The neck corset thus forces the wearer to always look straight ahead.


The stays incorporated in a neck corset are specially made shorter to support the weight of the head on the shoulders, while its corset structure helps maintain posture by keeping the chin high and the neck elongated. It is often combined with a traditional corset to achieve better posture[wp].

It can be narrow or as wide as the height of the neck. There are many variants. They can be made of many different fabrics, such as leather[wipi], rubber[wipi], etc., but also some more common fabrics are used.

Neck corsets usually have neck lacing; others have front lacing or are secured by laces[wp] or a zipper[wp].


Neck corsets are worn by both men and women and are mainly used in BDSM and Goth[wipi] subcultures. They can be ornate and contain other bondage elements such as locking closures and D-rings[wp] for attaching a leash, rope or other restraints.[1]

Depending on the features, they can be decorative or worn as a form of fetish clothing[wp]. If they restrict the movement of the head, they can be considered a variation of a posture collar. Although a neck corset restricts head movement, it is not usually used for medical purposes like the cervical collar[wp].

Usually, neck corsets are not used to compress the neck in the way a regular corset would cinch the waist, except for breath control games[wp].

A mouth corset is a special type of neck corset that also covers the wearer's mouth. They are mainly used in BDSM, as they can be used as a gag replacement, or additionally to reinforce the gagging.

Safety measures

As with anything that may exert significant pressure on the windpipe[wp] at the front of the neck, there is some risk of asphyxiation[wp]. Anyone wearing a tight neck corset must therefore be carefully monitored.[2]


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