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Pussy pass

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The pussy pass is a term invented to highlight the high level of favouritism shown towards women in most western cultures, especially in the criminal justice system. It is a provocative and possibly somewhat offensive term, involving a double entendre in referring to the gentle way we might treat either a kitten or someone with female anatomy. Those who might take offence at the term might consider terms like "phallic symbol" in criticizing men's interest in cars and "jerk" criticizing men through alluding to male masturbation. If those offended souls did not object to such terms referring to male anatomy then they demonstrate considerable hypocrisy in complaining now about terms that the men's movement finds useful.

Quote: «So is the Pussy Pass a true phenomenon or simply a paranoid delusion held by disgruntled men? Well, lets just look at news articles over the last month or so to see if we can find any evidence of it! Truth is, if we went back another month we would find just as many again. Even this post is very long so grab a cuppa and be amazed; take care though, some of these incidents were tragic and may be upsetting.»[1]

A pussy pass refers to the granting of a "pass" to a woman after a serious moral failing or crime. This pass may take the form of assignment of cause to psychological factors or circumstances "beyond her control."

For example, a man who murders his own children would receive no sympathy in the media - regardless of his circumstances - while a woman who does the same often receives a sympathetic treatment.[2]

Pussy pass referrs to the phenomenon that female criminals get off with a lighter sentence than males.[3]


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