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World Hijab Day

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World Hijab Day
Logo World Hijab Day.jpg
Description website
Slogan Better Awareness. Greater Understanding. Peaceful World.
Available language(s) english
Launched January 2013
Current status active
More info
Created by Nazma Khan
Twitter @WorldHijabDay
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The World Hijab Day is the response of Muslim women on the "burqa" ban[wp] in France and the secular religion of state feminism. The Muslimas invite on World Hijab Day (February 1 of each year) non-Muslim women to wear the hijab[wp] (Islamic head covering) for one day.[1]

The initiator Nazma Khan (r.)
Headscarf are available in many religions: Christian Catholic, Hindu woman, Muslim woman, Orthodox woman, Sabian woman and Jewish woman
Slogan: «Hijab for a Day»

The initiative was launched by Nazma Khan - who had come with 11 years from Bangladesh to New York - to set a sign for freedom of their own decision. Organized through social networks, so the interest of Muslims and non-Muslims was awakened in some 50 countries around the world.[2]

Quote: «I figured the only way to end discrimination if we ask our fellow sisters to experience hijab themselves.» - Nazma Khan, World Hijab Day founder[3]
Quote: «I was made to feel like a criminal, as if I was responsible for 9/11 and owed an apology to everyone.» - Nazma Khan[4]
Quote: «Our goal is to foster global religious tolerance and understanding through hijab awareness. Many women get discriminated (against) simply because they choose to wear the hijab.» - Nazma Khan[5]
Before judging, cover yourself for a day.
Carol Lee (Mrs. Universe[wp] 2013)[6]
"We invite both the non-Hijabi Muslim & non-Muslim sisters across the globe to wear and experience the Hijab for one day."
Women fight for their rights: "The hijab is my right and my pride"

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Happy World Hijab Day.jpg
Beauty indoors (l.) -
Hijaab outdoors (r.)


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Banner World Hijab Day 2014.jpg
World Hijab Day 2013 - Logo
"World Hijab Day"-Event in Canada 2017
World Hijab Day 2013

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