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The Locktober is an annual event where a man surrenders his sexual behaviour to his partner. Generally, a man wears a cage with his penis inside to prevent access for the whole month of October. For a whole month he is locked up and has no access to the key. One month, No unlocking, No Mercy and No exception to the rule.

Quote: «I'm going to be so horny at the end of Locktober.»[1]
Quote: «It's Locktober! You know what that means? Snap the lock and hand off the keys! No release until Halloween[wp][2]

Although this is mainly a BDSM tradition, anyone can join in. The idea is simple: you lock up your member for a mistress who will torture and tease you all month long without sweet release. It helps to physically hand over the key to the dominatrix for an extra dose of mind fuckery. You'll get the trick, they'll get the treat.

There is nothing against the fact that also the females put on a chastity belt in the Locktober. In times of equality, it should be a matter of course that the females are also kept chaste. They should be weaned from riding the cock carousel. Therefore, the females should also lock their love grotto and hand over the key to a key lord.


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