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Plantation (MGTOW)

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All men going their own way should familiarize themselves with when someone tries to drag you back to the plantation.[1]

The plantation is the place where the enslaved men are staying in the feminist slave-holding society.

Quote: «Most MGTOWs are one blowjob away from crawling back to the plantation.» - Stardusk[2]
Quote: «Plantation

The state of slavery or position of slave. Men Going Their Own Way recognize the expected "manly" roles in society are that of a disposable slave who exists only to serve. Media personality Bill Maher[wp] also once described the unmarried man as "the escaped slave". Accusations of being "weak and cowardly" and the implication that self-sacrifice makes a man a "hero" are age-old transparent tactics employed to attempt to drag men back to the plantation - MGTOW Glossary[3]


Escaping the Plantation (2016)


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