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Uncle Tim

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As Uncle Tim, a Neologism[wp] in U.S. English, is a pejorative used for men who are voluntarily subordinate to feminist ideology, often in an unthinking and uncritical manner. The term is an analogue of the German term Purple poodle ("Lila Pudel").

The term is used by American psychologist Dr. Helen Smith[1] in her 2013 book Men on Strike.[2]

The German author Arne Hoffmann explains as follows:

Quote: «An Uncle Tim is generally a sellout to his own gender, who is more than likely either a politician type - usually liberal - or just a guy trying to get laid who thinks his PC behavior will get him laid more often.» - Helen Smith[3]
Quote: «English Translation
"White Knights" are the American slang for the German "purple poodle": the submissive male supporters of feminist unilateral gender politics. Another term that Smith used here is "Uncle Tim", ie men who are to the civil rights movement of the men the equivalent of Uncle Toms[wp] to the civil rights movement[wp].

German Original
"Weiße Ritter" sind im amerikanischen Jargon das, was "lila Pudel" im Deutschen sind: die willfährigen männlichen Unterstützer einer einseitigen Geschlechterpolitik. Ein anderer Begriff, den Smith hier verwendet, lautet "Uncle Tims", also Männer, die sich zu der Bürger­rechts­bewegung der Männer so verhalten wie die Uncle Toms zur Bürger­rechts­bewegung der Schwarzen.»[4]

Quote: «Many male professors are Uncle Tims (male sellouts) trying to make themselves look good to the feminists in their midst, and the male students are afraid to fight back for fear their grades will suffer. Men's activist Glenn Sacks encountered this dynamic firsthand at UCLA in the late 1990s when the hostilities against men ran deep. He summarized his thoughts in a column that highlights the question many men are asking themselves today more than ever:

"I thought of the feminist academics (female and male) who poured their derision upon them, knowing that their students could not effectively fight back. I thought of the timid male professors who were so content with their own careers that they were perfectly willing to allow 18 year - old boys to be beat up on rather than jeopardize their own comfort by speaking out. And I asked myself a question which hundreds of thousands of male college students often ask themselves: What am I even doing here?"»[5][6]

Quote: «Our society, the media, the government, women, white knights and Uncle Tims have regulated and demanded that any incentives men have for acting like men be taken away and decried masculinity as evil. Now they are seeing the result. Men have been listening to what society has been saying about them for more than forty years; they are perverts, wimps, cowards, assholes, jerks, good-for-nothing, bumbling deadbeats and expendable. Men got the message; now they are acting accordingly. As you sow, so shall you reap.»[7]
Quote: «When female-centered women and the Uncle Tims who go along with them are the only authority on men, fatherhood and sexuality, the agenda quickly pushes aside men's needs or rights, and allows injustice to flourish. I am not saying that all women present gender in unfair ways, but many are liberal academic types who are trying to set an agenda that keeps women's needs at the forefront and overlooks those of boys or men.»[8]
Quote: «Stop being silent. Silence leaves issues of sexuality and reproduction to be decided by women and the Uncle Tims and white knights who support them. If speaking up feels unnatural and is difficult, do it anyway. Remember that if people mock you, hate you and call you names when you speak out, that just means your message is working.»[8]
Quote: «An Uncle Tim is generally a sellout to his own gender who is more than likely either a politician type - usually liberal - or just a guy trying to get laid who thinks that his PC behavior will get him laid more often. Point this out as frequently as possible and make fun of him for it. Shaming him is vital. The Uncle Tim type might just be a young guy who has been brainwashed into believing that he must dance to the "female as superior" tune as men must be punished for discrimination against women in the past. In this case, try to educate him or give him some reading materials on the Internet or elsewhere to show him where he is going wrong, or pray he grows out of it. If he continues past the age of thirty, shame him also. Once the mocking reaches a level where it is uncomfortable to speak up about how men must pander to women, he will probably stop or at least think twice about it.»[3]


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