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Wieviel "Gleichberechtigung" verträgt das Land?

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Wieviel "Gleichberechtigung" verträgt das Land?
Feminismus verlassen, Ausfahrt Freiheit nehmen -
Leave feminism, take exit freedom
Description Forum
Slogan How much "equality" can the country stand?
Available language(s) German
Launched May 2006
Current status active
More info
Software WordPress
Owner Iker Castro

Wieviel "Gleichberechtigung" verträgt das Land? (WGvdL, How much "equality" the country can stand?) is a German anti-feminist website. It focuses on the topics: failure of the boys education, wage discrimination lie, abortions, forced service, costs of promoting women, women's violence, feminism, femispeak and purple poodles. Editors of the site are Rainer and ChrisTine Luka.[1]

WGvdL includes three projects:

Yellow Forum

The "yellow" forum was opened on 20 June, 2001 by Jörg under the name of "equality Forum" on parsimony[4][5] and handed over to Andreas on April 15, 2004.[6][7] The contract with parsimony expired on May 20, 2006[8][9] and it was discussed how the forum should be continued.[10] Andreas was not willing to continue the Forum.[11][12] It remained uncertain whether the forum should be continued or not and was no accordance about the alternatives. In this situation Rainer realized that no one will take the initiative and is therefore stepped into the breach. A few days before the end of the forum, he had downloaded the standing in the public download area zip archives and converts the database entries in the format of the new forum software. This was discussed with anyone.[13][14] Without this initiative, the forum would phase out. Not only the forum was continued in a similar design, also the contributions of the ancient Forum (Archive 1) are still available for research purposes.

The forum was reopened on a own server in May 2006 under the domain wgvdl.[15] At the end of October 2012 the Forum was handed over to a new team of moderators and the previous posts where archived (Archive 2).[16]

The WGvdL Smiley Team
Quote: «Gender Mainstreaming = The third attempt at a mass conditioning to socialism and communism.»  (Motto of the WGvdL Forum)

The "Yellow" as it is colloquially called, became the largest German speaking forum about masculism and antifeminism.

Quote: «This is not a union or association. There is no agenda or you can't join either. Only you can write here.» - Rainer[17]

Meanwhile, the Forum has celebrated its 10th anniversary.[18]

Quote: «Most clubs and actions of the German men's rights movement are either sprung directly from this forum or indirectly tied in with the writers here. It may be that here found allies, informed and have agreed or that people were first systematically freed here by the feminist brainwashing.
This forum thus has done more for the men's rights movement and for the male sex, than all The Greens at all times together.»[19]
Quote: «The forum is a forum. It has no goals.» - Cyrus V. Miller (Moderator)[20]
Quote: «The level of contributions ranging from underground to brilliant and no man there has been scandalized about it. Those who have done this have gone.» - Max Erdinger[21]


Since February 2, 2009 ChrisTine reported from the femokratic Republic on feminist bureaucracy, favoritism towards women, discrimination against men and gender-delusion.[22] Soon the FemokratieBlog became the main source of news in the gender discourse. Beside to current news on politics and law the blog has also pertinent comments.

Main article: FemokratieBlog


The third project of the group is an antifeminist Wiki and driven by Rainer. This Wiki is a knowledge database about discrimination against boys and men. Evidence on this topic are all over the internet partially distributed very confusing and are here collected, clearly structured, focused and linked to each other. The project began in January 2009 with the article about masculism. Since then, 1,620 items were created in German language.

Main article: WikiMANNia


Quote: «Die Trias von FemokratieBlog, WGvdL und WikiMANNia ist der agilste Teil der Männerrechtsbewegung.
The triad of FemokratieBlog, WGvdL and WikiMANNia is the most agile of the men's rights movement - Andreas Kemper[23]
Quote: «Seit in dieser Gesellschaft ein regelrechter Krieg gegen Jungs und Männer tobt und Medien dementsprechend Propaganda treiben, haben sich ein paar Männer zusammengetan, um wichtige Begriffe aus männlichem Blickwinkel zu betrachten. (...) Bekanntlich benötigt man zur Beschreibung der Wirklichkeit Begriffe. Wo kein Begriff, da kein Thema, da kein Problem. Damit räumt WikiMANNia gründlich auf und schafft eine Reihe von Begriffen, die man bei Wikipedia vergeblich sucht. (...) Auf der Seite WikiMANNia nach Themen kann man sich durch die erstaunliche Themenvielfalt blättern. Der Nutzwert erschließt sich unmittelbar. Denn nicht nur bringt WikiMANNia viele Phänomene erst auf den Begriff. Darüber hinaus findet man auch Informationen über wichtige Gesetze und Bestimmungen, wie das Aufenthaltsbestimmungsrecht oder das Umgangs- und Sorgerecht.
Since in this society rages a veritable war against boys and men and the media accordingly propel propaganda, a few men have teamed up to look at important terms from male perspective. (...) It is required to describe the concepts of reality. Where not a term, as no issue since no problem. Thus admits WikiMANNia to thoroughly and creates a number of terms that you will not find on Wikipedia. (...) On the side WikiMANNia by topic you can scroll through the amazing variety of topics. The utility opens up immediately, because not only brings WikiMANNia many phenomena only on the term. Moreover, you can also find information about important laws and regulations, such as the residence determination or the handling and custody - Gerhard Wisnewski[wp][24]


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