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Critique of feminism (Quotations)

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Paul Elam
  • "Feminism is 1% of powerful ideologues with money and influence controlling the other 99% of useful idiots and lemmings." [1]
Dean Esmay


Michael Klonovsky
  • "Under the flag of feminism marches an army that has yet to meet the enemy."
    "Unter dem Feldzeichen des Feminismus marschiert eine Armee, die noch nie auf einen Gegner getroffen ist." [3]
  • "If they can find no real evidence of discrimination against them now, the feminist feels justified in representing herself as a victim in Africa or in supposed antiquity."
    "Wenn sie für ihre persönliche Diskriminierung nun wirklich keinerlei Beleg mehr finden kann, fühlt sich die Feministin eben stellvertretend in Afrika oder in der Antike unterdrückt." [3]


Luigi Logan


Harry Crouch
President, National Coalition for Men
  • "False accusations against males are so common today, that they're literally a 21st century witch-hunt, directed at the male sex." [5]
Feminist campaign
  • Early in 2012, a feminist campaign emerged online which included a series of photographs. Each picture was of a young man or woman, presumably students at university and college. Each young man or women holding a sign which began with "I need feminism because..." The reasons following these declarations were varied, and mostly incoherent:
    • A woman in her 40's: "I need feminism because I have no other choice";
    • A 23 year old man: "I need feminism because I contribute to rape culture";
    • A 29 year old woman: "I need feminism because man is woman and woman is man".[6]


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