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Not all women are like that (NAWALT) means that every woman is an individual. A believer in AWALT[kw] would correctly say that all women will respond to displays of weakness[kw] by their man by having a lowered sex drive. A believer in NAWALT might object that some women will respond by going into dead bedroom mode; others will start creating safety net of beta orbiters ; others will just cheat with some alpha asshole; others will start nagging[kw] and complaining; others will just leave without a word; and others will be supportive and helpful and invest in their partner.

In the end, though, all of these six women will have lowered sex drive and will resent their partner. And if the trouble will continue all of them will leave him.


Mine is not like the others
Quote: «The basic Red Pill notion that all women share the same nature is true. No exceptions. This is a first principle of Red Pill thinking.»[1]


  1. The Red Pill Can Make You Sick, The Lower Lights on August 13, 2016

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