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Razor Blade Kandy

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Razor Blade Kandy
Razor Blade Kandy.jpg
Description Video-Channel
Available language(s) english
Launched ?
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Twitter @Razor_B_Kandy

Razor Blade Kandy is a content producer for MGTOW on YouTube.


Quote: «It has gotten to the point where I can't rightfully call myself an MRA, when MRA’s in this day and age are nothing but misandrists, white knights, worshiping the golden uterus. These men are pawns for women.»[1]
Quote: «Like I said, AVFM has become a voice for housewives and the glorification of women's god given role as house wife.»[2]
Quote: «You know, Fidelbogen, you may be dumb as a brick, and have an obsession with feminism on par of Ahab's[wp] obsession with Moby Dick[wp], but at least you are doing the right thing; you just said you are not an MRA. Thank you.»[3]



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