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Steve Brulé

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URL studiobrule.com
Twitter @StudioBrule

Steve Brulé ...


  • Youtube-link-icon.svg Recommended Reading for MRAs - Live with Janice Fiamengo - StudioBrule (December 28, 2019) (Size: 44:25 min.) (Janice Fiamengo, MRA)
    • The books recommended by Janice:
      1. Heterophobia, Sexual Harassment and the Future of Feminism - Daphne Patai
      2. The Manipulated Man - Esther Vilar
      3. The Fraud of Feminism (1913) - Ernest Belfort Bax[wp]
      4. The Myth of Male Power - Warren Farrell
      5. Who Stole Feminism? - Christina Hoff Sommers
    • Books recommended by viewers:
      1. The Myth of the Monstrous Male (and Other Feminist Fables) - John Gordon published by The Playboy Press. Recommended by David Sims
      2. Mainstreaming Politics: Gendering practices and feminist theory recommended by Fixt100
      3. The Tropic of Cancer and especially The Tropic of Capricorn - Henry Miller[wp], recommended by smurch93060
      4. Genesis 3, the part about the Fall (circa 1500 BC), Theogony by Hesiod (circa 700 BC), the part about Pandora's jar. And the opera Così fan tutte[wp] by Mozart[wp] (1790), recommended by Petre Catalin Logofatu
      5. The Bostonians - Henry James, recommended by Alain Borgrave
      6. The war against Boys - Christina Hoff Sommers, recommended by Ron Summers
      7. Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion, recommended by Flameroller, Pale Cislord
      8. Brain Sex - The Real Difference Between Men and Women, recommended by D Sam
      9. #MenToo by Bettina Arndt, recommended by Nanna Moo
      10. Sons of Feminism - Janice Fiamengo, recommended by Alfadex Books
      11. Katie Roiphe's book about 'sexual harassment, In Dutch: Maarten 't Hart[wp]: De vrouw bestaat niet Renate Rubinstein: Hedendaags feminisme. Recommended by tjoris51
      12. "On killing" from Col. Dave Grossman. It debunks the myth that men are a bunch of murderous psychopaths and instead to 98% so outspoken non-violent that the military has to bring up a number of tactics to break down the inner resistance and teach men to kill in war. Recommended by CyBeserk
  • Youtube-link-icon.svg The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York, 1848 - StudioBrule (November 18, 2019) (Size: 57:15 min.) (Feminism)
  • The female drive for power and dominance using:
    1. Social exclusion
    2. self-promotion
    3. derogation
  • Youtube-link-icon.svg Why Feminism is Incompatible with Liberty - StudioBrule (January 30, 2019) (Size: 15:06 min.) (Feminism)
  • Youtube-link-icon.svg Institutions of Higher Indoctrination - StudioBrule (October 21, 2014) (Size: 34:17 min.)
    Professor Janice Fiamengo, University of Ottawa, speaks about the negative effect that academic feminism has on freedom of speech. Examples of the increasingly drastic measures used to enforce adherence to policies imposed by gender ideologues clearly demonstrate the validity of Fiamengo's warning.


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