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Infidelity or cheating is when one cheats on a spouse or other romantic partner, by having an affair with someone else. It is a form of disloyalty.

Men's idea of cheating usually involves physical contact, while women's idea of cheating can also include emotional affairs[kw] (which they may even view as more serious than physical contact).[1] Feminists have begun campaigning to legitimize female infidelity.[2]

Return of Kings has published tips on catching cheaters in their infidelity.[3]

Cheating by Men

The general consensus in the manosphere is the male cheating is not as bad as female cheating[4] (if, indeed, it is bad at all),[5] and that coming clean about cheating benefits no one. Therefore, it is best to deny until death, unless the evidence is overwhelming, in which case it is better to walk away from the relationship rather than apologizing.[6]

Cheating by Women

The Alpha fux, beta bux dynamic can be a cause of cheating by women. General Stalin writes:

Quote: «Pretty typical story.

Girl does wild shit with big dicked alphas who make her 'gina tingle.

Girl gets older and wants to settle down with a stable and "safe" guy.

She denies him all of the pleasure she had given to past men who "weren't good to her."

The reason is because:

The man she is with turns her on about 0%. She is not sexually attracted to him, but she is attracted to the stable and well-supported life he can provide her. Dude is probably very sensitive, pretty even keeled, does his share (or more) of the house chores, puts up with all her emotional bullshit, and also puts up with the fact that she doesn't want to put out much for him. He will be loyal and never hurt her because she is the best (and only) thing he can get (perceptively).

Perfect recipe for the guy to get cheated on the down the road.»[7]

Signs that a girl is cheating could include that she is secretive about passwords; she often uses incognito mode on her browser; she creates a buffer zone; she wears sexy clothes for others but not her husband; her affections become mixed; her girlfriends are cheaters or sluts; she's an expert at using Google Voice; she starts using cash; and she stops licking her husband's perineum.[8]

Three ways cited by Donovan Sharpe to keep a woman from cheating include flirting with other girls in front of her; never apologizing; and being unabashedly selfish[kw].[9]

Reasons cited by Donovan Sharpe for why a woman might end up cheating include, her man stopped lifting weights; his hygiene has slipped; he pays less attention to his threads; he watches too much porn; he has stopped approaching; his frame has weakened; he does not dominate her in bed; he spends too much money on her; he talks shit about other men; he never tells her 'no'; he fails too many shit tests[kw]; and he is a closet white knight.[10]


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