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Charles Sledge

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Charles Sledge
Description Website
Slogan Reclaim your freedom
Available language(s) English
Launched February 2016
Current status active
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  1. What if I told you there was a word that was guaranteed to make a woman's panties drop. A word that when women hear it, it sends shudders down their spine and to other places. You would most likely think "Ha Charles I am no fool, that PUA nonsense doesn't work". And I would agree with you. I'm not talking about some weird NLP trick or to say certain words really loud and point at your junk or whatever it is that has been recommended by PUA losers. No rather I am talking about a word that men used to say all the time but is rarely heard anymore. - I've talked about how women can sense a man's dominance[ext] before and this word is a key indicator a man's dominance. Males who never say this word are by definition submissive and weak while men who keep this word at the tip of their tongue are seen and strong and dominant. Not that saying this word in and of itself will make you strong or dominant but rather it's the mindset behind it that counts. - So What Is This Word? - The word is "No". A simple two lettered word yet one that contains immense power. And one that is rarely said or at least rarely said when it's a male interacting with a female. Males have been trained to be "yes men". We've know this for some at least in the office environment but it goes much further beyond that as well. It has permeated every aspect of a male's life. Now not only do we have sackless "Yes men" at work but we have the "yes dear" males at home. - Those who live under the rule of a wife who despises them. Who they constantly say yes to and do everything the woman says like an obedient whipped dog. Women hate weak men.[ext] This isn't to say that doing nothing for your wife is the right path or that saying "no" to everything will make you a man. Remember it is the mindset behind the words. When you say "no" you show you have standards and that you are a man who will stick to his guns.
  2. Equality at least the modern definition of equality is a lie. A blatant lie designed to divide society to make it easier to conquer. What is taken as a universal good is actually going against the natural principles that have held society together and made for good interactions between men and women.[ext] For example if someone in charge started saying that pouring water on a fire was the best way to get it started and most people believed that it wouldn't make it true. The same holds true for this notion of "equality". Let me explain. - Men and women are not equal they are complimentary. The man dominant and the women subservient. There is nothing wrong with this and in fact both are happier when things work this way. Women want to be subservient and real men want to be dominant. All women know deep down what they want even if it goes against their conditioning and programming placed by society. However biology always trumps ideology.[ext]
  3. Now as a man I have to say that it isn't in your best interest going out looking for a woman to have a relationship with. You're best off focusing on yourself and using women for fun. However should you find a woman that you genuinely click with and want to spend time with (and it's not the first girl you've interacted with) then there are some things to keep in mind in regards to having a successful long term relationship with that girl. Note the key word there, successful. - Now like I said before never be anxious to settle down with a girl. That is the wrong mindset to have and is counterproductive to having a successful long term relationship. As a man in regards to women your focus should be having fun and gaining experience. Sorry but if you've only interacted with ten women you have no idea if a woman is worth having a long term relationship with, much less something even more serious like marrying. You need reference experiences. If all you've had your entire life is spoiled eggs anything even low quality food is going to taste better to you. You need reference experience. - Now for some of you you're thinking "I don't want to go out and bang thirty girls before I can think about settling down" and you don't have to. While there is nothing wrong with that route and it beats the hell out of the first girl who likes me route there are other options. Date lots of girls, go out with them, interact with them, interact man and woman to them. This doesn't have to mean sex (although that is one way) even making out or flirting or whatever with them. Get experience with women before deciding to settle for one.
  4. Women are interesting creatures. Much has been devoted to understanding them in order to have them occupy the correct part of your life. Like I said in The Primer women can either be one of the greatest sources of pleasure and fun in your life or one of the greatest sources of pain and frustration in your life. All depending on whether you understand them and their nature[ext] or not. - Men who understand women and their nature know how to treat women. They know not to take shit from them[ext] and that what they say they want and what they actually want are usually two completely different things, often opposites in fact. They also understand how women view men[ext] and understand things like hypergamy and the rationalization hamster.[ext] These men understand the truth about women and therefore are able to relate to them successfully and properly. As man to woman. - Yet as every good scholar knows you can always expand your knowledge and by doing so produce better results and a more right form of living. Put another way knowledge is power. And you can never have enough of either. Here are some more truths to mull over in your pursuit of living a life of your dreams and reclaiming your freedom.
  5. Every man at some point in his relations with women is going to have to deal with shit tests and if he hopes to be successful with many women he is going to have to deal with a lot of them. For those who are wondering "what the hell is a shit test?" let me explain. Shit tests are essential when a woman tests you on something, when she calls you out on something to see how you react. For example you might be talking to her and she says she doesn't date/fuck/whatever short/bald/whatever guys to see if she can break your frame[kw]. This is a shit test. - Most men fail shit tests as most men have been trained by the media, overbearing mothers, the government, the school systems, and just about everything else that he is supposed to give in to women. Despite that this goes against the natural order of how nature works. The woman gives into the man not vice versa. This false belief that men should give into women has given many men problems with their relations to women. They get stepped on or a woman loses all attraction for them because the man gives in to them. What I aim to do here is show you how to pass a shit test by asserting your masculinity and making women incredibly attracted to you.
  6. Never has it been better to be an alpha and never has it been worse to be a beta. In today's world the men at the top of the sexual pyramid[ext] are experiencing more success than ever before while those at the bottom are settling more than ever before. With women's sexuality let out of the bag[ext] and unrestrained, society has changed drastically. Women leave their beta husbands for a chance at an alpha in record numbers, women will cheat at the drop of a hat if it's with an attractive guy. To be a man that women fantasize about a man simple needs to be an alpha. Meaning a man who has embraced his masculinity fully and completely as well as understands the truth about women. - You see an guy who is an alpha (a guy who is a man) will stand out in a woman's mind and she will do anything to be with a man that effects her in such a way. The beta's (guy who isn't masculine) money, looks, status, or anything else will not prevent that women he wants or loves from being pumped and dumped by the alpha that she fantasizes about. A guy who gets a woman hot and horny with his masculinity and dominance is going to be her first pick over any other guy no matter what. It doesn't matter if that guy has been dutifully married to her for ten years, had four kids with her, is a ripped millionaire, or anything else. - The popular saying five minutes of alpha is worth a lifetime of beta essentially means a woman would rather get banged (or even be around) an alpha guy for five minutes than have a lifetime of devotion, love, or anything else from a beta. The guy who burnt a woman in high school will stand out more than her famous actor boyfriend.[ext] Because he is alpha. A guy who doesn't take crap from a woman and puts her in her place[ext] is going to stand out in her mind forever more.
  7. Ask most men or God forbid women what makes women/them hot and bothered and you'll get a variety of answers. Ninety nine percent of which are completely ass backwards wrong. For starts the vast majority of men aren't very successful with women. The vast majority of men aren't having the sex they want with the women they want. If they are having sex at all it's with whatever woman that they settled for as they believed (as society wants them to) that sex is something that women give to men and that men are "lucky" to get it.[ext] - These men are men at the bottom of the sexual pyramid[ext], the beta or sometimes even omega males. Women are no better and often worse. Ask them what gets women hot and bothered and they will tell you the complete opposite of what gets them hot and bothered. Whether this is done purposely or women are just that oblivious (my money's on the latter) matters little. Listening to a woman's advice on women is a guaranteed way to never get laid. - For men who want to actually have success with women their best bet is going against what society says will get them women and what women say will get them women. Namely going against be the nice guy, do everything she wants, lavish her with praise, money, and devotion, etc. Instead be a man and the women will fall at your feet. Part of being a man is doing the two things: 1. Not Taking Their Shit, 2. Calling Them Out On Their Shit
  8. There are men who have trouble getting a date with women and then there are men who have to beat women off with a stick. While the vast majority of men fall in the former category those men who can get women addicted to them fall into the later category. The men in the latter category reside near or at the top of the sexual pyramid[ext] with women in the middle and then the vast majority of men at the bottom settling for whatever scraps (if any) are thrown their way. This is no way to live. Luckily you can change where you reside on the pyramid and go from the bottom echelons to the very top. - For men who have embraced their masculinity and are men, they have a hard time keeping women away from them. They will have women respond strongly to them wherever they go because women naturally respond strongly to masculinity. They respond strongly to masculinity in societies where masculinity is encouraged and the majority of the population has at least a modicum of masculinity, so in a feminized cancerous society such as our own women are going to respond like crack fiends to men who are masculine. The process of getting a woman addicted to you is relatively simply, just follow what is lain out below. The trick is keeping them off.
  9. Women love dominant, masculine men. Men who are strong[ext], men who are men. Just like men love women with tight waists and round asses. This is a fact of life. A law if you will. And like all laws of nature you can only crush yourself against them, you cannot change them. It doesn't matter how strongly you want to believe in something like Feminism it isn't going to make it true.
  10. This post is an extension of my thoughts on one of the greatest and most enlightening posts in regards to Feminism, female nature, dominance, Red pill theory, and of course the 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon that I have seen. The post was written by Ian Ironwood who runs The Red Pill Room[ext] an early and great manosphere site. Ian's work is top notch, and in addition to checking out The Red Pill Room I would recommend you also check out Ian's books on Amazon. Both are more than worth your time. - This article is titled "50 Shades of Game: Why Feminist's Hate This Book".[ext] - In this post Ian lays out how 50 Shades of Grey is exposing women's sexuality for what it is and throwing a monkey wrench into the Feminist machinery. Even men who were clueless before are starting to see something to the whole men dominant, woman submissive thing despite society and Feminist's screeching about how they hate it and despise it (despite masturbating to it). - Dominance is the key to all of this as you will see from the quotes below. Not only has the 50 shades phenomenon highlighted women's want for it but also has Feminism is built on lies and those lies are starting to be exposed for what they really are. At some point most men in Western society have likely though Feminism was a good thing, even if it was just first wave Feminism. Yet time has shown that all phases and types of Feminism have been a mistake and that slowly but surely the Feminism monopoly on the gender debate is being questioned. Now if this has happened soon enough I don't know, only time will tell.
  11. I was fortunate enough to be exposed to good masculine role models growing up as well as found the manosphere at an early age. So I was able to avoid any serious heartache in regards to women. However I am one of the lucky view and I am very grateful for all that the manosphere has done for me. Without it I don't know where I would be. It ignited a spark that started a fire the will flame until the day I die. - However most did not have my good fortune and went into relations with women completely blind. They swallowed everything that society, religion, governments, and other say about women and were screwed over because they believed in the lies. They were burned some more so than others, many had their lives destroyed.[ext] They didn't understand how completely depraved that women could be. They had them on a pedestal like a goddess and were angered when their goddess turned out to be something they never thought possible. - I feel for these men. I see men around me both friends and family who have had their entire lives shattered because of women. Who have had their hearts ripped out and stomped on by women who could care less about them. Many of these men did nothing but support and provide for these women and were rightfully shocked when the woman did a 180 on them and showed her true side.
  12. Women hate weak men.[ext] And when men allow women to walk all over them, to go along with their crazy and asinine schemes, and don't put them in their place they hate them even more. Women do all sorts of things to get reactions from men to see if they are truly men are merely boys (or males). These are commonly referred to as shit tests but have been around long before there was any official name for them. - Some women are driven to extreme measures to see if their man has any balls. They will suggest letting another man sleep with her, emasculating him in public, or worse. Pathetically these males often go along with whatever their woman wants netting them even more resentment and hatred. What the vast majority of males fail to realize is that women want to be put in their place they are dying to be put in their place and will be attracted to whoever has the balls to put them in their place. There are some prime reasons why women want you to put them in their place.
    Women want 1. To Assert Your Masculinity Over Them - 2. To Assure You Are Strong Enough To Protect Them - 3. To Assure They Can Be Feminine Without Consequences.
  13. Women divide men in different categories which serve different functions for them. You've probably heard about the lover and provider categories. Where a woman will shack up with a rich man who supports her while getting her rocks off with the biker at the local bar type dynamic. Meaning that women see some men as men they want to fuck and other men as targets to support them. Or Alpha fux, beta bux put another way. - After reading an interesting Return of Kings article "Why You Should Never Help Women"[ext] and commenting on it I read an very insightful response from a frequent Return of Kings commenter Jammyjaybird[ext] who stated "Women's hindbrains are constantly scanning for alpha, tolerating beta, and ignoring omega." - This quote is very enlightening and reveals a fundamental truth about the nature of woman and hypergamy. Become an alpha and women will fall at your feet, be beta and they will take advantage of you, be omega and they won't even realize that you exist.
  14. I recently read a great article by Relampago Furioso of The New Modern Man about biology's effect on the dating marketplace. The article is titled "The Law of the Jungle Rules Today's Sexual Market".[ext] The article deals with the realities of today's mating world. Unlike in days of past when human (especially female) sexuality was constrained now with no constraints biology has been able to run wild. In essence the law of the jungle is in effect. What this means is that males who operate on old standards such as women will be loyal if you're married, if you provide for her, or simply because society would shame her otherwise have all gone away. This frees women's sexuality to do as they please. If you are a man stuck in an old paradigm you will get screwed by this. However this can also work to a man's advantage.
  15. Man and women are different. Not just by a little but fundamentally. Like fire and ice. This fact while not approved by our Frankenstein society has held true since the inception of man and will hold true until his extinction. One of the prime differences is as I said in The Primer: "Becoming a man is a process, while a girl may mature into a women simply by biologically aging it is not the same with men. Many males die still boys, even if their biological age may be one hundred." - Girls naturally mature into women they don't have to do anything to do so. However with a man he must be initiated into manhood by other men. A woman cannot turn a boy into a man, ever. Doesn't matter how good her intentions are or how loving, caring, or whatever a woman is. It is biologically impossible for a woman to raise a boy into a man. Hence so many issues with boys (well and girls but that's a different story) raised by single mothers. They simply are not biologically equipped to do so.

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