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The History of Genderism

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The History of Genderism is the transcript of a lecture by Inge M. Thürkauf with the title "The dictatorship of the genderism - The creation of the new man through gender mainstreaming" ("Die Diktatur des Genderismus - Die Schaffung des neuen Menschen durch Gender Mainstreaming") held in Switzerland 2008.


I would like to introduce the first speaker. I would like to say a few things pertaining to the topic about which they will speak.

There are apparently laws be under construction, the forefront of redefining what everyone has to understand the future under a common sense. So common sense seems to be redefined by law, and then we heard, who is this new worldview, so common sense is opposed, must reckon with criminal prosecution. To direct it to the theme: so far it was considered normal, as common sense that a woman is a woman, a man, a man that male and female are together, which was so far over millennia as common sense. But now the future is only the genderism be accepted as common sense.

What is genderism? Who has ever heard of you from genderism? May I see your hands? But these are very few hands, we are here 1500 or more people. These are only a few hands. How is it possible, if it is true that there are laws in processing that say genderism is the only thing that makes common sense, and who is not does not submit the genderism, which is the offender, then you have as a sovereign, as sovereign, but I have the right and the duty to know more about it. Since it needs to be elucidated. Why did I read anything about it in the press? I'm being threatened here?

What, then, is genderism? What is it like our consultant Ms. Inge Thürkauf speak. Ms. Thürkauf is the widow of the late 1993 scientist and writer Max Thürkauf[wp]. I do not know him personally, I do not know Mrs Thürkauf. I just know that Thürkauf woman is an actress and author of plays. And together with the exercise of the acting profession she has actively lecturing about contemporary historical issues, as well as publications in various journals. So she's a woman who campaigns for truths that are obviously not very popular.

Welcome, Ms. Thürkauf, we look forward to your contribution.

Herzlich Willkommen, Frau Thürkauf, wir freuen uns auf Ihren Beitrag.


Introduction to the concept of Gender and Genderism

From the biological revolution to the dictatorship of genderism (Von der biologischen Revolution zur Diktatur des Genderismus), so my lecture is announced in the event program. I am grateful that I got the opportunity to speak as part of your anti-censorship conference on a topic below you is probably completely alien to most. (And the Umsprache yes it has shown that very few were able to inform.) In the course of this lecture, but you will realize how much this dictatorship has intervened as a new ideology already deep into our lives, how much we are occupied already with the dictatorship of genderism.

Genderism is a project that is secretly in recent years, not only in our society but also in the policy has introduced, and indeed the world, without the population of each country was even aware of it. For here there has been a large-scale media censorship. It is held still. The fact that gender (or gender mainstreaming - that the technical terms of this ideology - ie the fact that gender) is even a political program, still have not even understood (in my experience) politicians.

What is gender? Gender expresses in English the distinction of grammatical gender from which the German is expressed in the articles Der - Die - Das. So gender in English means the social sex, in contrast to the term sex as the biological sex. Therefore, it was irritating for many participants, as in the Fourth World Conference on Women[wp] in Beijing in 1995 was suddenly spoken of gender in relation to sex. The general assumption so far is that this for some years now circulating in the UN and in the relevant literature term is a more elegant way of expressing sex. The women of the so-called Third World still had a natural shame in relation to certain forms of expression and were grateful for the supposedly more elegant term gender. But in the course of the debate had shown that gender includes a new worldview that wants to relativize all the differences between the sexes, that is, they do not understand as natural, rather than socially conditioned.

The concept of the term gender implies that any sexual orientation - ie heterosexual, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual - is equivalent and can claim social acceptance, and even must. In other words, every human being should be able to choose sex itself. He should decide whether he wants to be man or woman, or both, or what ever just equal to its instantaneous sensation. And none of this "free" decision may oppose, because that would be "discrimination". This change of sex is aimed at the most sensitive feeling of the people on sexuality. And as a target group of this change the woman was targeted.

Behind it all is the idea that any woman of, ostensibly to liberate inherent behaviors, because the human being is not determined by natural plants, but by what society makes of it. True to the often quoted phrase of Simone de Beauvoir, als she stated 1947 in her book "The Second Sex[wp]" - that can be called as a bible of feminism - wrote: "One is not born a woman, one becomes that." This sentence is in its absurdity hard to beat and every contrary to common sense. But this sentence has made international career and taken concrete forms in radical feminism in particular. So not the biological sex, the fact that man was created by God as a man or a woman is no longer relevant.

The gender ideologues tear down any previously applicable standards and discard the differentiation of man and woman as an "invention" of the "heterosexual patriarchy "as a social construct, as each gender behavior is not innate, but is learned. What has been considered natural and normal since the dawn of man - the assignment as husband and wife - will now depend on social perceptions and regulations, and - and this is now threatening to the marriage and the family - be changed by re-education in order to create the what part of the plan target materialist biologists, geneticists, and politicians, and the feminist front part and has been prepared for decades: the new, artificial man to be made ready for the new world order, the new world religion. And the re-education should begin in the kindergarten.

Moreover, the strategy of gender feminists demanded that these rights required of them are accepted as a development of sheltered by the UN human rights and used in the EU and the UN to force these rights in Europe and worldwide. The term gender therefore includes a new understanding of sex/gender. And mainstreaming (one might say) the main stream, which is used to applying this new image of man on the society. There were also deliberately chosen terms that are incomprehensible to most people, specifically to confuse and mislead.

Reality by means of examples

Mit welcher Realität wir heute schon konfrontiert sind, möchte ich an einigen Beispielen belegen. Domenik Klenk, Redakteur der deutschen Zeitschrift Sandkorn, berichtet folgendes:

Nach einer Wanderung lagerte er mit Freunden um eine Feuerstelle, als sich zwei Frauen näherten, die über der schon abnehmenden Glut ihre Steaks grillen wollten. Die Freunde äußerten Bedenken, ob das restliche Feuer die ziemlich üppigen Steaks noch durchbraten würde. Ach, da sollten sie sich wohl keine Gedanken darüber machen, meinte eine der Frauen mit einer Handbewegung auf ihre Begleiterin. "ER isst sein Fleisch sowieso am liebsten gerne medium." Sie haben richtig gehört, in Bezug auf eine Frau wurde von ER gesprochen.

Diese recht irritierende und nicht alltägliche Begebenheit wollte Domenik Klenk zu Hause seiner Frau erzählen. Doch sie konterte mit einer ähnlichen Geschichte. Sie habe den Nachmittag am See verbracht. Nicht weit von ihr hatten sich zwei Männer niedergelassen. Der eine ging schwimmen, während der andere telefonierte. Sie hörte deutlich, wie er ins Mobiltelefon sprach: "Ja, alles ist prima. Wir kommen etwas später, SIE ist nämlich noch im Wasser." Ist dieses seltsame Zusammentreffen zweier recht verwirrender Erfahrungen zufällig?

Ein weiteres Beispiel: In einer Schule in New York hat sich im Jahr 2006 ein Lehrer so sehr mit dem Wesen des Weiblichen identifiziert, dass er sich entschloss eine Frau zu werden. Er ließ sich umoperieren und erschien in der Schule als Frau gekleidet, mit der Aufforderung, ihn in Zukunft mit Misses und keinesfalls mehr mit Mister anzusprechen, er würde sich sonst "sehr diskriminiert" fühlen. Eltern, die ihren Kindern diese transsexuelle Erfahrung ersparen und sie in einer Parallelklasse unterbringen wollten, mussten sich sagen lassen, dass sie damit den ehemaligen Mister diskriminieren würden.

Nun eine eigene Erfahrung: Nach dem Umbau des schweizerischen Bahnhofs in Basel musste ich feststellen, dass es dort nur noch gleichgeschlechtliche Toiletten gab, also nicht Toiletten, die getrennt waren in Männer und Frauen, wie dies bislang vor allem bei öffentlichen Örtlichkeiten üblich war. Das dies keineswegs eine unbeabsichtigte Umstrukturierung bedeutet, zeigt folgendes: Im Bundesstaat Colorado in den USA wurde durch Gesetz verfügt, dass an öffentlichen Orten nur noch gleichgeschlechtliche Toiletten existieren dürfen. (Also in Basel ging es noch ohne Gesetz … nehme ich an. Und hier wurde ein Gesetz verfügt.)

And in California, the local governor Arnold Schwarzenegger[wp] also signed a law in October 2007 that the boy be allowed to use in the public schools the toilets of girls. And the girls that the boys when they feel like it. They may not be prevented from doing so. The President of the Campaign for Children and Family says: This Arnold Schwarzenegger has delivered us those who want to impose the alternative sexual lifestyle our children. It is a brazen attack on the traditional family values. But under the same law, which Schwarzenegger has adopted, is also ruled out anything that might be directed against gender. Among them include homosexuality, bisexuality and other sexual practices, as well as the above-described change of sex[wp], and thus the clothes to Mister and Missis vice versa. The technical term for this is called cross-dressing[wp] - we have a word for everything.

Also, the literature in schools is thinned if they in any way discriminatory processes describes. Such as: The marriage between a man and a woman. In describing this, this is discrimination. Or the description of the fact that the human being as man and as a woman is born, too, is a discrimination, if one describes that man is born as a man and as a woman and not as something in between. And whoever defends himself against this censorship, is racist or sectarian.

To enable such scenarios as described here (I could list many more) can be effective, it requires intellectual upheavals that step by step the thinking of the people - mostly unnoticed - change.

The history of genderism

Also gender mainstreaming has its history which they may help to capture the essence better. The following information may help to see the current discussion about a broken development that engages deeply in the fundamental values ​​of our society in a broader context.

1962 occurred in London geneticist before the public in the world, the pioneers were for those of most of today's contemporaries hardly perceived, gender revolution. What confronts us in the gender ideologues program today, was then spread by highly paid scientists as biological "future of man" in front of a largely unprepared humanity. With the symposium that become known as the CIBA Foundation Conference of 27 leading researchers in biology and genetics, including Nobel laureates, a door was flung open, which released the look in the laboratories of the human breeder. We will see that the seemingly forgotten CIBA Symposium has an eerie omnipresence. The features disclosed in the course of this meeting, research results brought in shocking clarity the extent of the subject of experiments degraded people on the day. In light of a new biology said the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Joshua Lederberg[wp], of the scientific description of the man who would be solely of a 71 inches long series of specific molecular carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and phosphorus atoms. That is all that the scientific description will bear.

What happens in the application of such a human image, shows the highly regarded in professional circles molecular biologist Haldane[wp]. He wants to breed through grafting of human genes with no legs that would be better suited as a team in a space ship. And with the help of a drug similar to thalidomide[wp], but that should only affect the legs and not the arms. You may remember in the 50s, 60s. Thalidomide is known that sedative, taken by expectant mothers, has led to the birth of children without arms and legs, the so-called thalidomide children[wp].

Haldane and his scientists have discussed how you could perform on schedule. With dehumanized Objectivity research results will be presented and acted visions that are suitable to teach the creeps a here at the highest level. A central concern of the attending scientists came to the various presentations and discussions repeatedly discussed. And that was: the repeal of the last remaining intact institutions, marriage and family.

Two spokesmen, the authoritative discussions of the symposium and some have been instrumental in promoting the eugenic and genetic research, should be mentioned here: Hermann Muller[wp] and Sir Julian Huxley[wp]. Hermann Muller was Head of the Institute of Genetics in Moscow in the years 1933-37, and 1946 Nobel Laureate in Physiology and Medicine. Herman Muller in 1927 has spoken on a International Genetics Congress from creating a new human being and thus as it were to tear the act of creation itself, or eventually even surpass him. The artificial creation of man as the ultimativa utopia of science goes so far in the delusion, to make people genetically fit for further technological development. This is the only guarantee further development to world domination. He, Muller, thus the genetics give the job that people transform so radically that in principle, the production of an artificial man is given it. The funds will be used here, today are no more utopias.

Muller requires nothing more and nothing less than the abolition of marriage and family, and that by depriving them of their minds: the procreation and rearing of offspring. Thus, the artificial procreation through in vitro fertilisation[wp] is addressed. Today it has become a routine. As shorthand could say to this kind of fertilization: Created - not begotten, because the natural procreation is indeed bypassed.

But it is also addressed by the state taking over the children. Today's welfare state ideology meshes with their increasingly fierce methods in the natural rights of parents and children. I'll come back to it.

The scientific development, by man shall take his evolution into our own hands, must, according to Muller, be gradually pushed from the birth control[wp] on transplantation and sex determination of egg production to total control of the child. This is a term which has popped up again.

Something very decisive was also discussed. This was the separation of procreation from love life. It is now mainly driven by the sex education at school. There, only the technology of the sexual act is, with some exceptions, taught, often with dramatic visuals and devastating consequences for the further development of the children. The elimination and destruction of the family leads, according to Muller, the unity of all world cultures, peoples and races. We already heard from the plan for the creation of a world government, one world order. If man, as Muller, his own evolution only himself manipulated the highest spirits of humanity will develop an exact genetics and thus create a godlike beings.

Well, that's the old idea of the superman (Übermensch) of Prometheus Nietzsche[wp] to Hitler[wp] to biological utopia of breeding of superman through monitoring and control of human evolution, that man - this weakest link, this faulty construction - has grown the nuclear age better, and before all, that we become transformed into the image of God. In the various presentations and discussions of the CIBA symposium this hubris was highlighted by almost all the speakers again and again, "become nore like God". The madness of scientists is to exclude God to take his place. Full conviction therefore was 1978, the Nobel Prize for Medicine Werner Arber[wp] explain in a press release: "Finally, the question rises whether the man may combine genetic material of different origin with each other as he pleases. Can be created this way completely new, previously unknown creatures? Then the researcher would take over the role of God in the creation story." End of quote.

The second, no less important, spokesman of the biological revolution of the Ciba symposium was Sir Julian Huxley[wp]. He was the first Secretary General of UNESCO[wp], the Vice-President of the Society for the Reform of abortion and brother of Aldous Huxley[wp], who has become known by his worldwide success "Brave New World[wp]". By the way, one can say that Aldous Huxley knew what he wrote, because he knew the research of his brother. I would recommend, but once you read this book, or read it again. You will be astonished, or rather horrified to realize how much we "Beautiful new world" are already entered into. Well, Sir Julian Huxley rejects his evolutionary humanism[wp] in general, any objective truths and values ​​binding propagates a gene that is to destroy the old values. "Darwin and God" is his watchword. "Because the world and the human brain does not have enough room for both of them. We must remove ourselves from the false assumption to believe that there is such a thing as truth or virtue." End of quote. For Huxley, everything is relative, nothing is certain. Everything can be re-thought and made at will. Even men and women can be "re-thought".

By the authority of the society still highly respected and trend-setting scientists received the relativism[wp], which now dominates the philosophical and theological thinking, a scientific rubber stamp. If something is declared as a "scientific" research, then it must, in the opinion of most people, including his "right." Whether it is "good" and "true" and is hardly questioned. We must, as Huxley, the genetic fully apply knowledge and develop new methods of human reproduction, such as oral contraceptives and multiple insemination by frozen donor sperm selected by high "genetic quality". Who now, so you can ask now, because the donor will select from "high genetic quality"? If not these self-appointed gods of science? Those who do not meet the criteria of high genetic quality are eliminated. Because it comes down to reducing the world's population, and the means are abortion and promotion of homosexuality. In relation to this symposium in London, one can say that it was the introduction of a research process, which deluded scientists have prescribed without consideration and without concern for the social, biological and political implications. They felt that it is not the welfare of the people but to the gradual improvement of the genetic foundation in the service of a new design. As part of this redesign is to be made clear to the people that procreation and rearing of children is not a private matter, because the question was but in the end, if people ever have the right to have children.

Genderism and feminism

A momentous fact of our time was in London the elimination of discrimination against women by abolishing the two sexes, so the fact that man and woman are. Even then, that in 1962, among the scientists the possibility of the creation of the new gender people was contemplated. With the abolition of the two sexes, the new image of man should be created gender, the - as I said - any sexual orientation considered equivalent. In order to realize the genetic plan goals, the claim of the scientists of the Ciba symposium, they must be incorporated into the policy. Biologists should be used more as an adviser to governments and get a greater say. That this is also now become a reality, complains died in 2003, biochemist of international renown, Erwin Chargaff[wp]. The "commis voyageur of science", he writes, the rights of their research results will secure. Advise governments and whisper to them, hang up which programs and which laws should be abolished. You are an entrepreneur and lobbyists in their own right. Instead to pure knowledge they wrestle today mainly to get the maximum profit. The genetic manipulation is probably the biggest business at the time. One recommendation would be to buy GM shares, which do not crash.

The movement of the gender debate has ultimately paved the way - albeit unconsciously for most people - was the feminism. Especially the radical gender feminism or in connection with the movement of New Age has driven the transformation, or rather the re-education of public opinion over the past decades. As a society-changing movement on the basis of a new age of man, which was preparing to gender people. It was and is the feminism means to the elimination of injustices against women (eg in the workplace), on the contrary, the demand for equality is the gender feminists an eyesore. For where there is fighting for equal rights, they lose their real goal: the female power in all sectors of society to bring to the front, to the exclusion of men. Quite deliberately, to the exclusion of men.

Gender mainstreaming is exactly the control instrument for the abolition of male dominance. Family, maternity and pregnancy are considered by the radical feminists as "discrimination against women". "Pregnancy is barbaric, as well they could not call," says one of the leading representatives of radical feminism, Shulamith Firestone. It was also because the feminist movement, which was agreed from the beginning in the struggle for the release of abortion. Million unborn children have been aborted in the last decades. We are dying. The Western countries suffer from the so-called demographic disaster. And still no change in thinking has occurred. On one side is for the abortion fight, on the other hand you want the artificial propagation to complete. As a decadent society must be that just do not want to admit this obvious schizophrenia? It is also the gender feminists bluntly to destroy the family, and the destruction of male and female, because quote "the end of the biological family," it said in a research and study program "is also the need for sexual oppression to an end. It is intended that extramarital, homosexual, lesbian lifestyles are enshrined in law and not merely tolerated. Feminist equality means not only equality before the law or equality in the satisfaction of basic needs, but that women must play no children. The destruction of the biological family allowed the rise of new women and new men who differ from all previously existent people." End of quote.

The London-steered as a game of possibilities artificial insemination has taken concrete form in today's scientific community. Here is an example: According to a report in the British Times newspaper from the year 2003, a lesbian couple at a company's website (in the sense of "man not included") could be obtained, indicating the color, size and hair color, professional skills and hobbies, order the sperm of an anonymous donor, the quote "was very healthy, brown hair and blue eyes had". The sperm was delivered free house by post. The artificial insemination could make the couple so themselves. It's like the cows that are also already fertilized so for decades in this way.

The "David Reimer case"

1965, three years after the London symposium, developed John Money, a psychiatrist at Johns Hopkins Hospital[wp] in Baltimore, USA, his own likeness to God, and took his way to the concrete biological future of man. Sexuality, one might say, was his field. And his special compartment syndrome of trans-[wp] and intersex[wp] people. From this he developed the theory that a girl successfully as successful a man and a boy in the sense Simone de Beauvoir, a woman could be educated. In a sensational article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of 7 September 2006 Volker Zastrow reported of an experiment Moneys, the identical twin brothers Bruce and Brian Reimer from Canada. During circumcision with an electric instrument by the physician of the penis of one twin was so badly burned that the member blackened and soon fell off completely. The desperate parents hoping to gender reassignment surgery, which was suggested to them by money, to be able to offer a reasonably normal life, her son. In the case of this boy now Bruce believed the psychiatrist Money to substantiate his theory that one of men readily (I might almost say) could "tinker women". There he went into the question to provide the scientific evidence that gender identity is formed by education and have nothing to do with the biological sexuality. Personally it was heterosexuality as compulsory system, as an ideology.

The parents of the twins could now be persuaded of money to undergo the now 22 months old Bruce sex reassignment surgery[wp]. He said from now on, and Brenda was to educate on the orders of the psychiatrist as strictly girls. The operation should be performed on him kept from him. It was therefore provided that you should lie to him for a lifetime. That such an approach can only go wrong, is obvious.

The boy turned into a girl behaved the longer the more his innate gender accordingly.He wanted to fight with his brother, playing with cars and guns instead of with dolls, and especially to get rid of girls dresses that were forced upon him. With the onset of puberty, then the man also reported in this reshaped boy and he was interested in girls. Since neither helped the sex reassignment surgery still the hormones had to swallow this unfortunate creature. The psychiatrist Money, however - and now listen carefully - but diagnosed his behavior as a lesbian orientation. So the perversion is here simply taken to the extreme. When they finally opened the truth to him, he just wanted to live there as a boy. Now take female hormones he took male, settled again - if that was even possible - umoperieren and even got married. He lived 26 years then as a man But in the spring of 2004, he shot himself with a shotgun. His twin brother Brian had been a year before suicide with pills. Money, however, the psychiatrist has published over the years in which he had treated this unfortunate boy, his supposedly scientific achievements of gender reassignment surgery on a child who has exhibited clearly male sexual characteristics in textbooks and popular science publications. His case was taken up and used as "proof" of the gender theory in the press. In the New York Times Book Review, one could read, quote, "if you tell a boy that he was a girl, and if you raise him as a girl, then it will behave female." End of quote.

The establishment of the Gender Mainstreaming

Through this pioneering work Moneys but the gender theory has found its way into the global women's politics and everyday life in the bureaucratic language of the EU countries in 1993. This was the gateway to the EU and policy. And the scientism of the media people and their consumers have done the rest of that gene pool man could be the subject of an acclaimed manipulation. The scenarios that the gender and genetic engineers have erbastelt in their laboratories and still have erbasteln, actually unimaginable for the average person measure long passed. Each ideology wants to decorate the mantle of science, including the genderism. Most universities worldwide entertain Institute for gender studies, where models are developed and taught to distinguish where the whole gender agenda, including the possibility of five different biological sexes instead of two, is the subject of study. In Switzerland, all universities and colleges (also in neighboring St. Gallen) gender studies Institute will be entertained. At some universities, it has even become possible to obtain a degree in gender as a main subject. The fact that the gender principle is dealt with primarily on the intellectual level, it makes for the man on the street so hard to see where the danger lies. But the immediate consequences of a university education, but the destruction of moral and ethical values ​​to the content, we all get to feel. From what today we think of the universities, depends on what is practiced in the squares and streets tomorrow, writes the philosopher José Ortega y Gasset[wp] . Or - so you can add - of what is included in the policies, and that is not enough. Since 1996, gender mainstreaming is binding as a strategy to enforce gender equality in all EU countries. Do we know that? No!

It includes systems for all the political administrative obligation to examine their own programs, decisions and regulations to make sure they indirectly discriminate about a sex. Gender mainstreaming is a political concept in the professional work systematically gender-based discrimination can be tracked with the. And church groups have joined this dictation.

Das allgemeine Gleichbehandlungsgesetz wurde in Deutschland verpflichtend. Darin wird darauf hingewiesen, dass folgende Benachteiligungsmerkmale beachtet werden müssen. Die Rasse, die ethnische Herkunft, das Geschlecht, die Religion oder Weltanschauung, eine Behinderung, das Alter, die sexuelle Identität, die - wie wir gehört haben - nach Bedarf sich ändern kann. Um einen vorschriftsmäßigen Verlauf zu sichern, wurde eine Beschwerdestelle eingerichtet, an die man sich wenden kann, wenn einige der Kriterien nicht "gendergerecht" eingehalten werden. Man kann sich unschwer ausdenken, zu welch einem Arbeitsklima ein solches Gleichbehandlungsgesetz führen wird. Intrigen und das so genannte Mobbing sind gewissermaßen im Arbeitsvertrag mit inbegriffen. Dass im Arbeitsverhältnis Ungerechtigkeiten vorkommen können, das will ja niemand leugnen. But this want to be regulated by laws and regulations in detail, has totalitarian features. How far is the dictatorship of the genderism has taken root, a glance at the resolution of the European Parliament of 11 January 2006. There is homophobia - that is, the irrational fear of and aversion to homosexuality and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people - equated with racism, xenophobia and antisemitism. So if you say anything against homosexuality, then you can be punished, then you can be prosecuted.

Die deutsche CDU-Familienministerin von der Leyen übernahm diese in der Tendenz totalitäre Ideologie einer sowohl geistigen als auch politischen Geschlechtsumwandlung. Auf ihrer Webseite konnte man lesen, dass Geschlechtsrollen im Gegensatz zum biologischen Geschlecht nur erlernt seien. Wundern wir uns da noch, wenn die Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung[wp], die dem Familienministerium untersteht, einen Ratgeber für Eltern zur kindlichen Sexualerziehung vom 1. bis zum 3. und vom 4. bis zum 6. Lebensjahr herausbrachte[1], der hunderttausendfach kostenlos verteilt wurde - mit Steuergeldern versteht sich - und in dem die Eltern, Großeltern, oder jene, denen die Pflege der Kinder gerade anvertraut wurde, zur sexuellen Stimulation ihrer kleinen Kinder aufgefordert werden. Dank dem Mut der deutschen Wochenzeitung Junge Freiheit, einen Artikel der ebenso mutigen Gabriele Kuby abzudrucken[2], die diesen widerwärtigen Ratgeber entlarvte, wurde die Öffentlichkeit auf diesen Skandal aufmerksam. Und Freifrau von der Leyen musste die Broschüre zurückziehen. Aber als Konsequenz wird Frau Kuby von manchen Stellen, darunter auch kirchliche Gemeinden und Bildungshäuser, und vor allem den Medien, als rassistisch diffamiert und ausgegrenzt. Sind wir immer noch der Meinung, in einer Demokratie zu leben?

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Bei dieser Gelegenheit möchte ich auf das kleine blaue Buch von Gabriele Kuby aufmerksam machen, es nennt sich "Verstaatlichung der Erziehung". Ebenso möchte ich darauf aufmerksam machen, dass es diesen Vortrag auf CD gibt. Dies ist das Büchlein von Gabriele Kuby und das ist die CD des Vortrages, den ich gerade halte. Beides ist erhältlich dort hinten am Büchertisch.

Sie wissen, dass auch hier in der Schweiz die staatliche Familienpolitik nach den Kindern greift. In allen Kantonen der Schweiz soll HARMOS eingeführt werden. HARMOS klingt gut, nicht wahr? Ausgeschrieben heißt das "Harmonisierung der Volksschule". Was soll man gegen eine Harmonisierung der Volksschule denn schon haben? Es ist festzustellen, dass oft schönfärberische Formulierungen gebraucht werden für negative Vorgänge. Zum Beispiel gibt es eine Neuumschreibung für Abtreibung. Seit einiger Zeit wird Abtreibung als "Reproduktive Gesundheit" bezeichnet. Reproduktive Gesundheit für Abtreibung. Was nun bedeutet HARMOS? Es ist die Bevormundung aller Eltern durch Schulzwang für alle Kinder. In der Schweiz gibt es bis heute noch die große Freiheit, die Kinder zu Hause unterrichten zu können. Immer mehr Eltern greifen nach dieser Alternative. Und dies soll nun "ganz harmonisch" per Gesetz verboten werden. Mittels des neuen Volksschulgesetzes im Kanton Zürich soll die schulalternative Bildung zu Hause definitiv in der ganzen Schweiz abgeschafft werden unter dem Vorwand des Kindeswohls. In Deutschland ist das bereits geschehen. Dort werden Eltern, die ihre Kinder vor der entwürdigenden Sexualerziehung schützen wollen und zu Hause unterrichten wollen, werden die Eltern mit Gefängnis bestraft. Einige haben auch schon absitzen müssen. Dass auch in der Schweiz gegen das traditionelle Familienkonzept gearbeitet wird, kann folgendes Beispiel belegen. Schon vor 25 Jahren stand in einem Erstleseheftchen für ABC-Schützen, dass die Kinder den Weisungen der Mutter widersprechen, davonlaufen, lügen, Eltern als langweilig empfinden, Wertmaßstäbe verachten und sich mit Homosexuellen einlassen sollen. Die Serie dieses Leseheftchens wurde seit 1976 im Lehrmittel-Verlag Zürich aufgelegt und wird weiterhin vertrieben und in Schulen verwendet. Es ist sicher keine Übertreibung wenn ich sage, dass wir heute schon im Gesamten gesehen in eine neue Weltordnung eingetreten sind. Und zwar in die neue Weltordnung der Sexualität.

Ich darf Sie auf das Schweizer Elternforum hinweisen, das zwei Broschüren "Familie im Griff" und "Lehrmittelanalyse - Lesebücher für das erste und zweite Schuljahr" hinten am Büchertisch anbietet. Es informiert auch besonders über HARMOS, über die Bevormundung der Eltern zur Schwächung der Familie.

Amsterdam Treaty - The objectives of the Genderism

Mit dem am 1. Mai 1999 in Kraft getretenen Amsterdam Treaty[wp] wurde Gender Mainstreaming, ohne dass sich wirksam Widerstand gezeigt hätte (wieso denn, wir haben es ja gar nicht gewusst), als neue politische Strategie verbindlich für alle europäischen Mitgliedsländer festgelegt. Gender Mainstreaming gilt als Instrument zur Durchsetzung von Geschlechtergerechtigkeit in Gewerkschaften, Kirchen, in Parteien und Regierungen. Was bedeutet, dass immer mehr Frauen die Positionen von Männern einzunehmen haben. Ziel der Gender-Ideologen ist eine klassenlose Gesellschaft, die sich vor allem von der grundlegensten Klasse befreit, der Klasse des Geschlechts. Daher eine 50:50-Quotenregelung für Männer und Frauen für alle Arbeits- und Lebensbereiche. Manchen sprechen sogar von 70:30, also 70 % Frauen und 30 % Männer; und man beginnt sich langsam zu fragen, wozu die Männer überhaupt noch taugen. Etwas ist sicher und wird auch festgelegt, die Frauen sollen 50 % aller Arbeitsplätze bis hin zu den höchsten Ämtern einnehmen. Und was ist mit den Männern? Keine Angst, meine Herren, auch sie sollen natürlich nicht ganz leer ausgehen. Auch Sie erhalten Ihren Platz in der Gesellschaft. Für Sie ist vorgesehen, 50 % der Säuglings- und Kinderpflege zu übernehmen. Na, ist das nichts?

That the woman's husband helps at home, so no question. But there is this to be prescribed by law. And no one asks whether men and women are just capable of occupying this position at all. Obviously, this is not to say that women can not do good work in positions of responsibility, so it is not so. It is the compulsion of the quota system at any price. And in the whole society. At the end of the stand to what the SPD has been formulated in a political program. It said: "If you want the human society you have to overcome the male." Let us just like that please?

We must be aware that the plans of the gender ideologies come from ancient and programs are not new. Because according to the ideas of Lenin and Engels[wp] saw the socialist program to discontinue the households as possible to force the women to work and to accommodate the children in homes. It does actually look as if we would make up the solid in the former Soviet Union practices with zeal.

What happens when children of foreign assistance are passed, we learn from the much-vaunted welfare state Sweden. The result of the nationalization of education in Sweden is violence in schools, in public. And it is also known that children take their own lives annually, some are as young as five or six years old.

By the way, today the term family removed from the statute books. He was replaced by "households". This means that the coexistence of lesbians and homosexuals, adopt children, can be called a households. And in England, the government has recently decided that kindergarten teachers should talk to the children only to parents, and not of father and mother, that homosexual couples are not discriminated. And Spain's socialist government decreed that the words mother and father in the books of the civil registry office must be replaced by the headings producer A and producer B.


Ein Wort noch dazu, es geht nicht darum die Familien anzuprangern, die in Nöte geraten wenn beide Eltern arbeiten müssen, weil das Gehalt des einen nicht genügt, die Familie zu ernähren. Auch nicht um zerrüttete Familien, wo Vernachlässigung und Gewalt gegen Kinder vorkommen.

  • Es geht um die sukzessive Übernahme der Kinder durch den Staat per Gesetz.
  • Die Schaffung des neuen Menschen durch Gender Mainstreaming ist der vorläufig letzte Angriff auf Ehe und Familie und auf unsere aus dem jüdischen und christlichen Glauben hervorgegangene Kultur.
  • Es ist eine substanzielle Entwürdigung des Geschöpfes und des Schöpfers, eine folgenschwere Missachtung der gottgegebenen Ordnung.

Kurzfassung: Gesellschaftliche und politische Ziele des Genderismus

Zum Schluss möchte ich Ihnen die gesellschaftlichen und politischen Ziele von Gender kurz zusammenfassen.

Es geht zunächst einmal darum, die Weltbevölkerung drastisch zu senken, also weniger Menschen, mehr sexuelle Vergnügungen. Abschaffung der Unterschiede zwischen Männer und Frauen. Für die rechtliche Bestimmung des Geschlechts dürfen nicht mehr die äußeren Geschlechtsmerkmale ausschlaggebend sein, nur noch das subjektive Empfinden des Menschen.

  1. Abschaffung der Unterschiede zwischen Männer und Frauen; Für die Bestimmung des Geschlechts darf nur noch das subjektive Empfinden des Menschen ausschlaggebend sein.
  2. Abschaffung der Vollzeitmütter.
  3. Freien Zugang zu den Verhütungsmitteln, auch für Jugendliche.
  4. Abtreibung soll Menschenrecht werden, zum Zwecke der Reduzierung der Weltbevölkerung.
  5. Die Förderung homosexuellen Verhaltens, ebenfalls zum Zwecke der Reduzierung der Weltbevölkerung.
  6. Sexualkundeunterricht für Kinder und Jugendliche, der zum sexuellen Experimentieren ermutigt; Darüber hinaus Abschaffung der Rechte der Eltern und ihrer Kinder.
  7. Eine 50/50 Männer-Frauen-Quotenregelung für alle Arbeits- und Lebensbereiche; unterschiedliche Begabungen müssen als "Geschlechterstereotype" gebrandmarkt werden.
  8. Alle Frauen müssen möglichst zu allen Zeiten einer Erwerbstätigkeit nachgehen. (Müssen! Das ist dann nicht mehr freiwillig, ob frau das will oder nicht.)
  9. Religionen, die diese Ideen nicht mittragen, müssen der Lächerlichkeit preisgegeben werden.

Nun ich glaube, es ist eine der perfidesten Methoden einen Menschen mundtot zu machen, das ist ihn der Lächerlichkeit preiszugeben. Wenige halten diesem Druck stand, man schweigt dann lieber. Jene, die das Gelächter der Welt besser verkraften können, erfahren dann massive Bedrohungen, sie werden als Fundamentalisten oder Taliban, als Sektierer und Rassisten diffamiert, ausgegrenzt oder sogar strafrechtlich verfolgt. Das ist so insgesamt gesehen die Gender-Perspektive, gewissermaßen in Kurzform.


Ich habe Ihnen in der vergangenen Stunde ein Szenarium vorgelegt, das bedrückender nicht sein kann. Der gesunde Menschenverstand sagt, das sind Hirngespinste. Und für jemanden, der sich mit diesem Thema noch nicht beschäftigt hat, ist das völlig unglaubhaft.

Aber ich kann Ihnen versichern, was ich Ihnen berichtet habe sind Tatsachen und glauben Sie nicht, dass diese Szenarien an den Grenzen der Schweiz halt machen. Wir alle leben schon mitten drin in diesem laufenden Programm. Das uns aber keinesfalls lähmen sollte. Sie alle sind hier, weil Sie mit wachen Augen die Geschehnisse in unserer Gesellschaft verfolgen wollen. Ich kann sie nur bitten, sich einzumischen. Die Schweiz hat nach wie vor eine große Aufgabe im politischen Orchester der Weltbühne, nicht nur im Bereich der Banken. Ich darf daran erinnern auf welcher Grundlage die Eidgenossenschaft aufgebaut wurde. Die fünf Staatsgrundsätze, die immer noch Gültigkeit haben und in der Bundesverfassung verankert sind, wurden vom Bruder Klaus, dem Einsiedler, grundgelegt, und die heißen:

  • seid frei
  • seid einig
  • seid unabhängig
  • seid wehrhaft
  • seid christlich

Ich überlasse es Ihrem Empfinden und Ermessen zu entscheiden, wieviel von diesen Staatsgrundsätzen noch übrig geblieben sind.

In seiner Botschaft an die wohledlen Herren zu Luzern zum Heile des Vaterlandes schrieb Bruder Klaus: "Verkauft Euer Vaterland nicht um Geld und Geschenke, und hütet euch vor eigenem unredlichen Nutzen. Seid beständig im Glauben. Beschirmet Euer Vaterland und bleibet dabei."

Nun, was immer die Zukunft auch bringen mag. Es wäre nicht nur für die Schweiz, sondern für das Gesicht Europa von großem Nutzen, wenn der Rat des heiligen Bruder Klaus heute gehört würde. Wenden Sie sich an die Politiker, an die politischen Parteien, an die kirchlichen Autoritäten, an die Bischöfe. Kümmern Sie sich intensiv darum, was mit ihren Kindern in den Schulen, auch im Kindergarten geschieht. Sprechen Sie mit den Lehrern, die angehalten sind die Programme der Gender-Ideologen durchzusetzen, was ein absoluter Missbrauch der staatlichen Macht an den Kindern bedeutet. Wir leben, daran ist kein Zweifel, auch ohne den Druck der Gender-Ideologen, in einer schweren Zeit. Aber, um ein Wort meines Mannes zu gebrauchen, "in einer schweren Zeit ist es leicht, ein sinnvolles Leben zu führen, weil ein sinnvolles Leben immer schwer ist." In einer schweren Zeit sind die Menschen auf der Suche nach Hilfe, und viele entdecken die alten ewigen jungen Wahrheiten wieder und sie entdecken sie ganz neu. Im Christentum hat die Wahrheit einen Namen: Jesus Christus.

In this sense I would like to end my remarks with a plea: God save us!

Thank you!


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