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Women against feminism

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Women against feminism

There are many reasons for women to be against feminism.

  • Feminism is anti-emancipatory because the "woman-as-victim" attitude is encouraged. Of a victim is not emancipatory behavior, such as taking responsibility for his own actions, expected.
  • Feminism is anti-male, because that is "man-as-perpetrators" promoted attitude. The criminalization and put the man outside the law undermines the rule of law.
  • Feminism is sexistic. It is patronizing, if all women the feminist worldview is forced on.

IGAF Switzerland

Among the nearly 4,000 members of the community of interest anti-feminism (IGAF Switzerland) are around 18.2 % women enrolled. As a reason they give:

  • Family mothers and housewives are disadvantaged state. The State recognizes their achievements not.
  • To have children is almost a shame.
  • Women who will opt for the traditional gender roles laughed at and not taken seriously.
  • The women are a role model persuaded (women in the boardrooms, career, children in the crib) that the women do not want.
  • Discussions about quotas: women want to be judged on its performance and not the basis of quotas.
  • The government destroyed hierarchies and responsibilities.
  • There are feminized softies used, what the women do not want to, because they want a counterpart with which they can deal with.[1]
Main article: Interessengemeinschaft Antifeminismus

Women for Men

Quote: «Women for Men (WFM) was founded to provide much-needed support for the American male and to help put an end to the gender war. There is simply no question that America is at war with masculinity. For years, prominent women in media and government have used their perch to belabor the false notion that women are in need of justice and focus.
The American male is tired of being told there's something fundamentally wrong with him. He's tired of getting shafted in family courts, or even in college tribunals, where men are assumed guilty until proven innocent. Decades of feminist propaganda have landed us in a place where women are hailed as heroes, and men are viewed as perpetrators - or just losers.
That's what WFM seeks to remedy. The battle of the sexes will begin to erode when America stops making men pay for women's so-called oppression. If we do, marriages and relationships will improve - as will the health of the American family. [...]
If you, your sons, your nephews, your brothers, or your fathers are to survive the feminized world of college, marriage, reproduction, and the workplace, a revolution is sorely needed.»[2]
Main article: Women for Men

Honey Badger Radio

Quote: «Honey Badger Radio represents the voices of four female members of the Men's Rights Community. (...) HBR covers a wide range of social issues, from feminist incursion into geek/gamer culture, gynocentrism, dating, rape hysteria and, of course, men's rights[3]
Quote: «Della Burton, one of the "Honey Badger" group's co-founders, describes their activities as a rational response to irrational circumstances. "For decades, we've watched gender ideologues use the mantle of proxy-victim status as a battering ram to destroy the perception of men and boys as human, in order to justify an increasing legal and social trend of marginalizing men's and boys' experiences and violating their civil and human rights. We're fed up with seeing our male friends and family demonized and discriminated against, and our communities, local and beyond, damaged and handicapped by false female victim politics. Ideologues of more than one stripe are attacking male humanity under the guise of 'supporting women'. We see through their garbage, and we're here to call them out on it."
According to noted men's advocate Paul Elam, publisher of A Voice for Men, the Honey Badger Brigade began on A Voice for Men with a letter challenging Boston Globe columnist Cathy Young to support the Men's Rights Movement. Since then the group has gone on to start their own radio show through A Voice for Men Radio and has now formed their own separate web site and YouTube channel. "I'm proud to have helped the Honey Badger Brigade get their start", said AVfM publisher Elam, "and we plan to keep supporting them by hosting their show on our radio channel as long as they want to do it, and to support them in their other endeavors in any way we can. This is a movement for everybody of every race, creed, color, national origin, and sex."»[4]
Main article: Honey Badger Radio


Quote: «Dr Indu Subhash of Lucknow took Bareilly by storm on Sunday as she rooted for the rights of men in the country and advocated formation of a National Men's Commission.
Her fight against "gender-biased laws" drew massive response from the people here, including women, who volunteered to take up the cause at their level.
"All laws are gender-biased and spoiling the lives of men. There are a number of men who commit suicide as laws, which should ideally be building families, are becoming the reason for their breakdown," said Subhash, a Ph D in women's studies, addressing a gathering held at Novelty Crossing.
"All laws are meant for protection of women, who are misusing them to harass men. For example, in the case of separation due to 'irretrievable breakdown of marriage', women are entitled to get half the share in her husband's parental property. Is this right?", she asked.
Similar is the story with anti-rape law that, according to Subhash, gives immense power to women to misuse it like the domestic violence and dowry act. "And police are acting as a major tool in the misuse of the law," she added.»[5][6]


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