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A tradthot is the westernized version of the hoejabi; i.e. a woman, typically some denomination of christian, but they also come in a secular right-wing variety (particularly outside of the United States), who pretends that she is traditional, anti-feminist, family-oriented, and religiously devout, but isn't really so.

Common Traits

  • White, although non-White tradthots also exist.
  • Claims to believe in "traditional family values"[tiw] but is unmarried and, therefore, likely still riding the cock carousel in her mid twenties or older.
  • Wears sunhats, floral print or pure white dresses, sandals, and similar clothing, in an attempt to seem more "modest" or "traditional" in comparison with other women. Surreptitiously continues to frequently expose cleavage, curves etc, presumably to attract male attention.
  • Admits to having "fallen into sin" or to have engaged in casual sex and other forms of hedonistic dissipation in their past (e.g. drug use), but claims to have been redeemed in Christ[1], or among secular tradthots, claims to having become "red pilled", and as such, she is ready to "move on" and find a traditionalist/Christian husband (especially common among Christian tradthots).
  • Makes frequent use of social media[wp] platforms (despite claiming to be modest and traditional) and has a large following of thirsty beta males, who defend her from male critics and provide her income by donating to her Patreon account etc.
  • Is nearing "The Wall" and is presumably attempting to reinvent herself as a "quality woman", in the hopes of securing a stable, reasonably handsome beta provider, before her looks begin to fade rapidly. However, due to increasing male sexual deprivation and concomitant lowered standards, this may be declining as a reason for women to adopt such a strategy. In the words of one tradthot "I had done relationships the wrong way my whole life. I would try to do everything my way and things would never work out. I would go through heartbreak after heartbreak after heartbreak ... I dated a pimp. I dated people who were these 'bad boys.'"[2]


Christian tradthots often appeal to antinomianism[wp] to justify their clear violations of biblical teachings. Antinomianism was originally defined as the idea that Christians could reject the moral teachings of the Old Testament and still be saved from damnation, frequently being historically ascribed to various Gnostic sects.

In the sense that tradthots employ the concept, it reflects an extreme version (or distortion e.g. "We are justified by faith alone but not by a faith that is alone,") of the Protestant belief that belief and not works lead to salvation (Sola Fide).

Protestant tradthots often believe that due to being justified by faith alone, they can engage in immoral acts and are not subject to any moral restraint. As long as they pray and continue to believe, their immoral actions will be forgiven and they will be saved.

Trad Pivot or Epiphany Phase

It is frequently claimed by some in the manosphere[3][4] and elsewhere[5] that tradthots are not being honest in their purported socially conservative/religious beliefs. They argue that tradthots are attempting to hijack an increasing surge of right-wing political sentiment for their own financial gain or social advancement. It is also claimed that they are attempting a "trad pivot" in order to rebrand themselves as chaste, responsible women in the hopes of securing a higher quality beta provider than they could get if they didn't adopt such a deceptive self-presentation. They argue[6] that if the women were indeed traditionalists, they would be busy "shutting the fuck up and making babies" instead of making countless Youtube videos, tweets, and so forth, and engaging in political discussion. They argue that these women are just feminists in disguise, attempting to portray themselves as "red pilled" (in the right-wing sense of the term), to accrue boons from hapless, sexually frustrated beta male dupes.[7]

TradThot for traditional THOT (acyronym for "That Ho Over There"). TradThot is a term Roosh V[wp] coined in December 2017 to describe attention-seeking women on social media[wp] who market themselves as "traditionalist conservatives"[wp] to gain the attention of horny, right-wing basement dwellers[wp].[8] Examples of TradThots include Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone[rw], Rebecca Hargraves[rw], June LaPorta[rw], Ashton Whitty[ext], and Tara McCarthy[rw].[9] Not long after the Manosphere began rallying against the scourge of the TradThot temptation, they began complaining about their poor reception.[10][11]

tradthot (plural tradthots)

  1. (slang, derogatory) A woman whose self-professed support of traditional Western gender roles is viewed as insincere or opportunistic.[12]
Usage notes
This term is heavily associated with the alt-right and white supremacist subcultures.[12]

Quote: «For our readers unfamiliar with the term "TradThot", a TradThot is a right-wing female pundit who hypocritically preaches traditional values while giving her audience some eye candy.

The TradThot meme has set the limits for what is acceptable behavior from our right-wing female pundits.»[13]

Quote: «A Tradthot can be defined as: A woman who claims to hold traditional values while living in a modern way, using the concept of traditionalism as a method to gain an online following that typically consists of angry misogynists who don't recognize the hypocrisy of the girl they follow on social media/donate money to.»[14]
Quote: «Tradthot is a single white woman who claims to support traditional values in order to gain money and orbiters. Generally they will give arguments on social media about traditional femininity and marriage, but then not follow through with settling down and having kids.» - Urban Dictionary[15]
In the MRM we often see feminists and tradcons[tiw] (traditional conservatives) compared and contrasted. We hear that tradcons are almost as bad as feminists. In this article I submit that all feminists are tradcons, though perhaps not all tradcons are feminists.

The initial objection to this thesis is that feminism is radically liberal, while tradcons are conservative, so how can feminists be tradcons? The reason is that under traditional conservative expectations, as with feminism, women have much more relaxed and different rules. There's a very narrow dress code for men, but wide dress code for women. Same with hair, personal expression, and with showing feelings and the expectation that people care about your emotions, or at least will not mock them like we do with male expressions. I'm thinking of the trendy "Manfeelz," "I bathe in male tears," "I drink male tears," "Oh, I hurt your fee-fees?" compared to the traditional-conservative equivalent "Keep a stiff upper lip," and "Boys don't cry."

With feminism and traditional conservatism, women are given more relaxed rules. For feminists, bouncing their bare breasts with the word slut painted on them is an absolute right, of course men don't ever dare take on a similar "slutty" display because the dress code is much stricter with men. In feminist thought, and I think it's safe to say traditional conservatism generally, this would be labeled "creepy", with female feelings being of the utmost importance.

When we look at the shared feminist and tradcon attitudes, near verbatim talking points and views on sex and gender, it makes me wonder if feminism isn't simply a subset of traditional conservatism. When taking a broader view, we see that all feminists are in fact tradcons. Let's talk about five ways feminism is traditional conservatism:

Separate rules for women

Feminists, like all tradcons have a real hard time saying no to women. To them, as a man you need to both satisfy and protect women. Treat her with kid gloves, like a child. To them, a man should never make a woman cry, he needs be attentive to her every need. For example, They'll shout "It's never okay to hit a woman!" Not even to defend yourself or your child? Not even to protect another woman? No. To tradcons, and I include feminists when I say tradcons, women are weak, therefore innocent. Men are strong, therefore abusive. Women can hit men without violating the tradcon mindset, because "What harm can a woman really do against men? Men are stronger." This is where both feminists and tradcons mock abused men, and minimize their issues. Being stronger, to them, means being deserving of abuse.

Real men

"Man up and be a feminist!," "Take it like a man!." Feminists, as tradcons, love controlling male behavior with this idea of "The real man". "Real men are feminists" didn't you know that? I guess I must not be a real man then. And piggybacking on our last point "Real men don't hit women." That's because "Real men protect women." We need men to sacrifice to their detriment for the benefit of women, that's how you get to be a "real man." "Benevolent patriarchy" you see? It's problematic, except when it directly benefits women... in all other instances, it's "misogyny writ large."

Women and children

When the boat starts sinking everyone yells "Women and children first!" It demonstrates the selfless sacrificial love men are trained to have to women they don't even know. Yet, to a feminist and perhaps even to an everyday tradcon with quite a dim view of men, this selfless sacrificial love is actually based on a hatred of women, on misogyny. Being in the unfortunate position of hearing a feminist try to make this point, we'll just say it makes sense if you don't think about it. It's a recurring theme within feminism, the absolutely indiscriminate use of the concept of hatred with the word misogyny. This might seem like a position where tradcons and feminists disagree, the idea that love for women is hate. Yet, keep in mind the next point.

Men are after women for sex

Tradcons and feminists agree, men are only after women for sex. If he does something nice, watch out! A "nice" guy? No no, naive MRA, men are scum, they're dangerous. Watch out for the big bad man. To them, men need to be restrained because they are like werewolves, ready to attack innocent women. As with traditional conservatism a female might "flirt" with a man, but a man in the same position is looked at as a potential predator. There's the presupposition that a man is a up to no good with only sex on his mind, while the woman is pure and innocent. A display of male sexuality is variously "creepy" or "not appropriate," contrasted with female sexuality where it is variously giving women a wider dress code or the title of "slut pride". Don't ever slut shame, you creep!

Men are super men and women are damsels

This last one is probably the biggest point to show how feminism overlaps with traditional conservatism. It screams both at the same time. "Save the women!," "Fight for women!." Those brave white knights, feminists, and other tradcons trumpeting the call to rescue those poor damsels. "You don't say that to a lady," "Check your privilege before you mansplain to a woman." This is huge within feminism and a sentiment they love exploiting. Think Elevatorgate, Anita Sarkeesian[wp] and feminism generally. Feminism's whole thing is the "men are evil oppressors", "Women are oppressed" shtick.

After we consider these five points, we see how feminism is tradcon. When the male-bashing media portrays the MRM as pushing back against feminist over-reach, we have a good reference to see how there hasn't been "over-reach" it's simply a new kind of anti-male sentiment substituted for the old. There's war between men and women for rights that men must lose so that women can win.

Feminism exploits traditional conservatism and our traditional thoughts to attempt to benefit women to the detriment of men in much the same way traditional conservatism expects men to sacrifice for the benefit of women to the detriment of themselves. Feminism and traditional conservatism are virtually indistinguishable, if not identical.

A Voice for Men[16]


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